"The Return" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Zvyagintsev quite wary of criticism. Not to the one that carefully examines an equally carefully created gigantic motion picture (film director and his work is carried out with a certain trepidation, very much carefully built a movie), but to the one that sticks to the film instructions for use and the label of social utility. But it is likely that by the creator of the benefit was not provided at all, and he led the way on a boat through the fog, building plot on a whim, not on logic. What dramaturgical integrity painting interested him much less than the possibility of hidden characters, nested one inside the other, unexplained and multilayered. The "return" of these symbols innumerable, and link them together no better than to cross the sea on a raft. Too much distance between the Christian and pagan, ancient and modern; too many omissions and abandoned halfway narrative lines. The tape presents a system of concentric circles radiating beautifully on the water surface seems to be a simple story.
first layer, designated boundaries of the plot, laconic and somewhat conventional. Father, absent for twelve years, suddenly returns, suddenly goes on a long walk with his sons, suddenly received a senior and a junior cast out. However, instead of the usual conflict between fathers and children, which usually develops in conceptual confrontation of generations with different values, Zvyagintsev offers complex design, where the emotional conflict between the "other" father and "their" brothers becomes a testing ground for the strength and will. Strange triangle in which all parties are not getting along too, each in its own right and wrong and moral categories are divided between the parties to the action. The younger son is guided by duty and conscience, senior - whether filial love, whether instinctive reverence for authority and power. His father, a man without a past, without a profession, without a name, is a kind of image of man as such. It is dominant, which does not educate, and the press, despite which children will sag, and who shall stand, with whom he will hold a dialogue with and who is not.
Paternal anonymity gives the plot of the second, a universal dimension. "The Return" - the movie is not about individuals, but in general any fathers and sons. Probably why my father takes away children from the city, and then completely forwarded to a deserted island to deprive the action of plaque civilization and identity, placing it in a timeless frame. Because the story taken out of context, that no matter where the father lost twelve years and what a treasure he had dug in the island that it does not matter to the director. He importantly, close to the primitive, patriarchal spirit, when a woman quietly recedes into the shadows and did not argue with the decision of a man when he can strike the child as the main argument in the dispute, when the boys rapidly husband because they have to make decisions, to fight, to defend themselves and their - because otherwise become a man, to survive, not to gain power. Simple biological scheme, the most natural possible. And if the adult leader gave up the slack, if not missed, it will be replaced by young, because nature is so appointed. Here are just a blunder or is a symbolic sacrifice?
This possible sacrifice leads to the third layer, full of Christian references, and form the unique visual style of the tape. Pustovat minimalist interiors, gray, like a worn wall - austere, but compositionally perfect shot often picturesque, and sometimes even iconography. Returning father breaks bread at the table, pouring wine present - ready reference to the Last Supper, in which the atmosphere of something mysterious explains the lack of words. And our sons, we may know and are sure looking papa photo frayed between the pages of children's Bible - and the Pope became the center of a small, just experienced the greatest shock of children around the world. Like Jesus, he returned, and questions about "where is has been so long," can be the same tone of painful misunderstanding divert upwards: Why so long you leave your children, Father? Moreover, that answer in any case will not. A fishing pier is a St. Andrew ... Oh, no, after all, Ivan, and not from the pier, and a recessed half-tree. But this is a distant resemblance, more valuable and voluminous repeat verbatim
Well, mother late at night obediently waiting for him to come and lie down beside her -. So, this prodigal God the Father, but let just be there, let it simply be . It is patient, like mother earth, mother nature, and may be, and Mother Russia herself. As if having regained a spiritual compass not to get lost in its vast expanses, not remain without fire of Guidance. But for Christian motives are viewed even more ancient pagan. Yes, and the Bible - in fact, only one of a layer of the myths that are repeated endlessly from nation to nation. And the water as the first of the living matter, which gave the land life, which at the same time a symbol of fertility and power of the natural elements in all sounds, perhaps, religion - the water here is everywhere. From the first frame to jump into the lake patsanyata when the brothers and there was the first disorder, because Andrew initiation took place, but Ivan could not, was not ready - until that fateful boat that transports people through the misty water, either in the world of the dead, or simply out of the world of the living. . By the primordial void, devoid of accents social, tribal, and even personal
This plastic like clay, mythological material Zvyagintsev and sculpts - not heroes with names and biographies, and archetypal images, the roles that people play with the time of creation. "The Return" - absolute space, in which the director himself becomes a creator, he executes, he has compassion, not trying to convey to the viewer something called the words "moral" and "meaning." Zakoltsovyvaya picture way sunken boat which was already before the jump scene from the tower and which will only be at the end of the story - it reduces all the time, all the myths, of all people of all nations together in a circle in a single eternal cycle. People are born and die, the gods come and go. And die, too. But if you truly believe that one day they will come back. If they are someone else is waiting.

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