"The Return" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The first feeling that I experienced after learning that "The Return" received in Venice of two Golden Lions, it was a sense of pride. For our.
Finally our Russian movie has won one of the most prestigious festivals. Doubly it was pleased that Zvyagintsev not some well-known, venerable, crowned with laurels honored, and the newcomer, and this is his first feature film.
When the noise around this important event poulegsya went interviews, meetings, communication. Zvyagintsev the impression of a serious, educated and deeply feeling person. The desire to see the "Return" is growing every day. And a surprise for me was the fact that the film is only three theaters. "We must go," I thought - "and do not have time. Masterpiece, after all ».
In House Khanzhonkov people in the matinee was not more than half of the room, that was very surprised, mostly old women. Surprised ticket for 60 rubles without a job, had not shelled room and a full sense of the scoop.
film began.
«A good film," I said and looked.
Ten minutes passed. Nothing.
It took another ten minutes. Again nothing. I began to fidget. I wanted to get up and leave.
No, of course, the screen was something going on, something is boring, incomprehensible and unpleasant, like mud between the toes. Episodes not flow logically from one another. actors unprofessionalism hurt his eyes and ears. Unnecessary angles, contrived dialogue. All this has produced a depressing effect.
I kept fidgeting in his chair.
suddenly had the feeling that this will continue until the very end.
Premonitions not deceived me. And so it happened.
Hall courageously finished watching the movie to end and bravely waited until the light turns on again.
All stood in silence and quietly went to the exit. Nor approval of words, word of censure. Absolutely nothing. As if it were not for this, as advertised, the movie.
I sat in the car and thought.
What made this film, what he?
I suddenly felt in place sighted, whose blind led by a stranger they both maze. Drove to the touch, at random, not knowing whether can find a way out.
there in the hall, many times I have a feeling that it's the same, right decision, here is the right step. But the director again takes us somewhere, not knowing where.
strange, but the film is remembered. Remembered is his inconsistency. There was no water, some anadromous episodes. Each episode was an application for some action. But what I did not understand.
contrary. There were many questions that I have been waiting for answers. Waited half an hour.
Where, for example, there was this father, who was not eleven years? Who is he? What he forgot in this town? Why, for example, does not expect anything good from him pretty wife, lying down in the evening to his bed? Why did her mother, his mother-in-law, all of a sudden like a tongue swallowed without saying, it seems that no word in the entire movie? And why the mother let go of this man of his sons? What a chest dug father in the barn? Where he wanted to go? Whom he so often called? And if it were the case, why he had brought the children? Why he decided to take them at all? He wanted to prove to them? What to teach?
final film turned out to be similar to the parable. No one came out of nowhere, left none and nowhere. Was it not have been? ...
possible to separately emphasize explicit wiring errors. That mother-in-law raises drooping eyes, and we see the direction of her gaze burning stove with firewood, which is actually located on the side of it. The boat, moored to the bank of the nose, is suddenly approached by the stern. Or brothers, being in three steps from his father digged in standing alone in the barn some chest suddenly met him. Where was the father of those thirty seconds that were brothers, it is not clear. And why show the long taxiing truck, if it passes by without stopping?
inquisitive viewer could count and more mistakes if he wanted to.
But for some reason, did the same this film? Why?
I think something personal that is known only to the author, is hidden in this movie. Hidden so deeply, that of a spectacle than it should, by definition, be a film, it turned into some personal disparate experiences. If the author dissected himself. Cut into pieces. And that was manifested in the sections, and then shown. A cross-section - a flat perception. Even two adjacent slice can carry different, sometimes opposite information.
BUT .... If you get away from the usual perception of the film as whole pieces, in which the two standing next episode should be linked to each other, and if they are not connected, then again, deliberately, to near the viewer has some desired authors reaction. If you do not pay attention to the amateur game of young actors. If ... if. Many times - if, then "RETURN" is, after all, cinema. Incomprehensible, incorrect, inconsistent, but the movie. It's just a movie, like life.
It is often in life we ​​do not know the cause of the behavior of certain people. The real meaning of the events we sometimes understand only through the year, and sometimes we do not understand at all. We often hear how somewhere someone blew their secrets to the grave, and no one will ever know they are no longer. We often have desires that we do not follow, and vice versa, we do things that are not wanted.
Perhaps it is this sense and have seen people from the jury?
The next day, after a visit to the cinema I called my friend writer Yuri Nechiporenko and I asked if I was watching 'RETURN'. I said I was looking
-. Well, how? - he asked
-. In any way, - I replied
-. You know, I watched it two months ago, just before the festival, in the screening room Mosfilm together with Zvyagintsev - began to tell Jura. - He told me then, too, did not like. And now I understand. This movie has some effect aftertaste or something. I remember it almost by heart. He seemed to be stuck in the brains. Forever. What do you think
-? No I do not think - I answered. - Two months have not yet passed
We said goodbye, hung up, and I thought I would advise anyone to watch this movie.? No, I would not. How I would not advise poking around half an hour in their own shit in the presence of a large number of people. would be remembered for a long time, and the smell disgusting, and the results -. ZERO
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