"The Return" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"The Return" by Andrei Petrovich Zvyagintsev. Hardly the first time after seeing it, I do not doubt that this is not the movies, where there is a common point of view, and if someone does not support it, so it is for the sake of any jokes or satisfy his youthful spirit of contradiction. This is not a martinet confrontation with the Earth and the savages pretty humanoid, in which the best people God himself ordered to the side of the aliens and villains to destroy their own kind, and hence a massive captive audience empathizes not my mind ... In the "Return" is not and can not be definitive assessments and interpretations: the film in the best sense of the author, and multi-faceted life. Therefore, each judge about it from their point of view, but it is something for which he should really give significant rewards. If for such a film does not give the international prize, the world actually arranged in a totally wrong! But the world is still not quite Mad, mad, mad . That's why sometimes - rarely paltry in comparison with the king, god and lord that lives across the ocean, but sometimes - our films hit on this, that already it is impossible not to recognize the humanity priceless, and the world takes off his hat
What is so absolutely. meaningful, universal and unmatched bright eat in the "return"? What you can not close your eyes, even if someone is not touched callous cold nature of the Russian North, eloquent and minimalist even by force of acting? Of course, in an educational message, on the psychology of growing up in the horror of the open and at the same time such a deadly unambiguous finale!
In everyone's life there comes a time when you have to prove to others that you can overcome the apathy and laziness, and sometimes existential fear - and remain alone with the real, brutal and demanding life. This is especially true of men. In the very nature of man laid unwritten and even rarely spoken aloud rule that a man takes a woman for themselves married, and if he is unable to provide for his family, it is best to him and left alone ... In order to successfully confront the challenges of life, a man must ( from an early age, it is desirable, and even adolescence necessarily) be manly character. In the broadest sense, it comes down to the formula: said the man - a man made . Roughly, but in folk wisdom and succinctly. Responsibility for their actions, willingness, if necessary, on the corpses to their goal. Such a man can hate if his decision severely hurt, but in the end - it truly forgive and respect; trust in him, and even bow down before him. Because man, radiating absolute confidence in their decisions and actions, gradually subdues those who depend on it.
It thus appears hero Konstantin Lavronenko. As Andrei Petrovich, Konstantin was not at the time the "return" of the young novice filmmakers. Career both started in a couple of decades earlier at least. However, there is no doubt that the recognition came to them was with the release of "The Return". Not surprisingly, Lavronenko acquired the appropriate role ... Who he played here? We purposely give minimal information about it. The film - not about his name, where he was and why so suddenly returned. And what kind of person he is. It is just clear of his image as day. Will tell - as the cut off. Each step is meaningful. Gritted his teeth, he took a deep breath - and forward. While many live where during endure, and just that - a nervous fuss and even panic. And the rest does not matter if a person is used to make decisions backed by deeds, why is the "rest" and left behind the scenes.
Of course, such a man can not be alone. And the woman who next to him, not even trying to stop him. Even if he now said, leaving the war as a volunteer ... and I love the other, good luck ... And through the years, suddenly came back. Such is the will of man, whose character is at times harder than in his women. And parents and even more so: it is a son, and he flew out of the nest. Why are there! Even if he went to prison, who said that criminals have no concept of holiness and duty? He still adequately treat their loved ones, and if he came back after his release in his home, his parents (if still alive) and his family (if the divorce was not) should take it as you are.
But in the spotlight films - his sons. Every man must have a father, by his example (more business than words) instructing on the right path. The word "Fatherless" ulterior motive has always been perceived not as a sad fact of life, as well as an insult. Whatever was said supporters Semenycha Anton Makarenko, God forbid anyone to be brought up the street; better, anyway - a father, and it is desirable - the father, after which you will go through fire and water, then to your children become as a father. Alas, the children in the film Zvyagintsev, to put it mildly, disgraced his father; Moreover, and senior and junior facing each other (despite the fact that in the course of the film we are increasingly show that it at junior harmful, capricious nature, and the senior just runs to his father, in the end does not remain doubt that the elder - with wormhole). A that they did to his father, to show them, you see, too authoritarian, that each has seen the film will remember for a lifetime! This can not be forgotten! But the guys
difficult to perceive as negative characters. They are still children, even the older, teenage high school student. In children, there is still time to improve, albeit at great cost, and here it is to be mature, to grow up in a matter of minutes. And to answer the question "how to grow up?" Did not have time, or it should be sharply sarcastic response. «pens, pens!» - as here. Or even: "Horseradish" - as a soldier in the rough Konstantin Vorobyov book "Killed near Moscow." Although most congenial thing from our literature seems to me a terrible tale Eugene Schwartz "Two Brothers". How scary would not have been at the time of reading the correction of their monstrous gaffe older brother at the behest of a severe father, no matter how sorry we younger brother, Schwartz book - nothing compared to the powerful film Zvyagintsev. And the death of the lad, who played the older brother Zvyagintsev, as it sums up the cinema art itself: yes, this is almost infernal evil drama ... Not that I took too literally aphorism Vysotsky: "Who lives ended tragically - the true poet!" But a fact that adds to the film's tragic pathos, for me, is an axiom.

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