"The Republic SHKID (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Interesting film from a historical and ethnographic point of view - a kind of self-portrait on the background of the era, and very good, I must say. There are all necessary household items without unnecessary unappetizing details. And to feed them without any strain, just as household items, they are not in the center of the story, just as it was, and yet: morzlaya potatoes seal scarce oil, tea with saccharin as a delicacy, the lock on the gate - the school because of the prison-type pants that you can not steal from friends, even though they are state-owned, because the new will not give, do not have them in the war-ravaged country. Poverty, which are accustomed to, and which has not interfere with life and happiness.
World SHKID, though locked up in the castle and is surrounded by a strong fence, though living your busy life, is not isolated from the outside world. Twenties and reign in it - the love of acronyms, meetings, speeches and slogans that have not yet had time to wear out and become a formality. SHKID lives on the same wavelength with those temporarily outside world, where marching Young Pioneers, at the May Day demonstrations, pierced by bayonets stuffed Capital, which slowly builds up a young country. And it is no coincidence, because SHKID - the flesh of this world, yet managed to solve the problem of the four millionth homelessness. The world now seems a bit naive, idealistic and a bit pathetic, so now do not say and do not do, but they lived and thought so seriously. Even the authors of the film, the sixties, the world of the twenties also seems naive and distant, for them it is history - and they are allowed near a bit of irony in the film. It does not stop, no, but still it came a little bit of a different era
undoubted success of the film, apparently coming from the book, and the original source of life of the original, -. Are images of pupils boys. Everyone is different, not smoothed, not cheap popular. They are not something that is not good girl, they sometimes make even the dastardly deeds. Well, how else? They are ordinary young people with many years of neglect. Their intelligence and conscience are not developed, the life they had seen mostly from the wrong side. But something strong and healthy, it seems, is deeply seated in virtually all people, and Vikniksoru teammates manage to pull it out guys by showing them the normal world and normal relations.
I have not read the book, but in the film it is clear that authors love their school and their youth, and are grateful to her. Yes, we are told in this movie on a different - a sad and cheerful, a vile and noble, but the movie ends indescribably light. Different destinies will form-ShKIDtsev guys, not all life will be happy and long, but no parent and no teacher still guarantees can not give. Now, the court may, in life - youth, in front - a great life
8 out of 10.

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