"The Republic SHKID (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Oh, pedagogy, education, the difficulties you have faced over the centuries ... and More words of some, this was not, as has been the education of young men needs to be addressed. And that will increase generation of idlers, or worse, bandyukov the high road. And if it is a young country, devastation, hunger, banditry, orphanhood ... Where here to educate? But I had to. And there were, apparently, really talented teachers who were able to sow the germs of good, hard work, humanity in their children.
What were these children! Tramp, thieves, prostitutes ... and, at the same time, naive, kind, seeking justice, and above all value their brotherhood. Probably, that was because the screen and the heroes, and the authors of this book, I believe. After all, Gregory White (in the work of the Black) and Leonid Panteleyev themselves were pupils of the school named after Dostoevsky for difficult. They have created a remarkably talented book, which was read several generations of children and adults. "The Republic of Shkid" was written by the authors in 1926, when the oldest of them - G. White - was only twenty years old, and the youngest - L. Panteleyev - was not yet eighteen
Of course, the book and the film -. Two completely different things. I can not judge how much of the product is shown on the screen, but pokromsat story fairly. More precisely, simply took a huge amount of interesting episodes, dialogues, situations. Therefore, I advise you strongly to read the book! From the history of the movie I know that the original director Gennady shelves took a two-part tape, but the censorship has cut it to a half hour of the film. Despite this picture was a huge success with audiences:.. In 1968, the film was awarded the prize of the All-Union Film Festival, he - rental leader (1967, 12th place) - 32. 6 million viewers
role VikNikSora, head of the school named after Dostoevsky, brilliantly played by Sergey Jurassic. This figure has always been associated for me with Makarenko, who, by the way, when I read the book itself, noted the following: the story is educational work "in a sorry state"; "This book has faithfully painted picture educational failure." And VikNikSora have a real prototype - a teacher-innovator VN Forty-Rosinskiy. Actually, as in the story of each character. . Indeed, the authors have developed before us completely 'live' material, paints a picture of your life really existed SHKID Republic
And life in this country was motley: ups - the fall ... The eternal struggle and disputes with the Chaldeans, which may He flashed the truth. Unbridled force students found themselves in the use of different areas:. Issue of the magazine, theater, pioneers, etc.
critic called the film encyclopedia to hooligans. Nevertheless, the picture was very good, humane, life-affirming. to arrange modern bullies mandatory viewing of this film for educational purposes ...

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