"The Republic SHKID (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film is undeniably talented and bright screen adaptation of the autobiographical novel by former pupils of the school-commune them. Fyodor Dostoyevsky, written in 1926 by Gregory White (it became the prototype of one of the main characters - Yankel or black) and Aleksey Eremeev (pseudonym - Leonid Panteleyev), created as a movie script. The film about the fate of millions of Soviet homeless has become a part of our heritage, because it shows the real events of the era of the formation of the Soviet state and its society. She immediately won recognition of the audience and in 1967 became one of the leading box office, taking 12th place.
In his comic scenes, some smoothing of the plot drama, the film approaches the comedy-adventure genre that emphasizes its youthful subjects, although comedy here pretty well seasoned with a tragedy, as they say
The film takes place in Petrograd early 20-ies of "laughter through tears.", when it otshumeli revolution and civil war, but the country is still hunger, disease, destruction, cruelty and death-bearing And the price of a human life is negligible compared to a piece of bread. Against this background, the saddest thing for any society - it is destitute, orphaned young generation of homeless, deprived not only food and shelter, but also the future. This horrific tragedy of the whole country and the whole generation, a generation of young souls mutilated and thrown overboard human lives. But as they say: "Hope dies last!" ... And yet society still hope, so lively and society itself, and in it there are always ambitious and life-loving enthusiasts as the protagonist of the film teacher and headmaster individual social education Viktor forty, nicknamed Vikniksor, which is always ready to "fight" for the future of young hooligans, raise their heart, heal the crippled soul, rediscover talents in them, "turning back the river of destinies" to a new and better life, saved from spiritual nische s and gloom. And the famous phrase: "The teacher - is primarily a fighter! ', Fully embodies the essence and mission of his personal image. After all, a true warrior is not the only one who on the battlefield can physically destroy the enemy, and the first one who is invincible fortitude and wisdom knows how to subdue his mind and heart, while maintaining the physical and mental integrity of the enemy, making it not a slave, but in other and trusting their ally who create, "to build and live" help feeling at the same time self-sufficient and necessary. And Vikniksoru it under force. For its decent team of teachers ( "Chaldeans" - as they are dubbed pupils) chief "Chaldean", showing trust and fatherly complicity, was able to find the lost in the darkness of reality the way for the young hearts of their students, where in the deep labyrinths of the unconscious so early and violently buried under ice avalanches and storms of life adversity treasures of the human soul. He could hear the silent cry of despair and boyish daring to break the ice of mistrust, violence and misunderstanding, awakened in them the best human qualities: honor, conscience, love, compassion, welcome, patience, courage, justice ...
This role is played convincingly Sergei Jurassic. Since its first appearance in the film as an actor immediately feel sincere sympathy and trust his character, which causes a reaction, and the viewer. Although Vikniksor protagonist of the film, however minor characters are not here, because each of them has its own symbolic prototype of human destinies the time
interesting contrasted throughout the pedagogical staff and hero Jurassic its antipode -. Teacher of literature. His weak, cowardly, ingratiating "little soul" immediately gives in to force, cohesion and aggression of adolescents. Instead literature lessons, he sings them songs.
not elude the viewer and the image of a half-blind, somewhat annoying, but kind and loving old lady Vikniksora mother. Her image - this is one of the main parts in addition the image of her son. Indeed, thanks to her mother's love and care he became wise, self-sufficient and self-reliant teacher - fighter Vikniksorom. It was she, his mother, laid the foundation of the best human qualities in his soul, nurtured, and developed them to the desired level. And now he is able to grow and develop these qualities in their students
kindly touching and romantic images of lovers turned homeless:. Tony Marconi and Grisha Black performed by actors Violetta Zhuhimovich and Leo Weinstein. An interesting fact is that the recognition of the director, many actors of his film, which played the pupils were not in conflict with the law, which did not prevent them to get a sincere recognition of the audience. Indeed, in each of the young heroes of the republic SHKID visible quality, arouses sympathy and empathy.
But perhaps the most beloved and popular was a small, one-eyed, delicate-looking tomboy Mom (aka Kostya Fedotov), ​​played by Sasha Knights. It is the hero, with more than ordinary appearance, proved precocious bold and very remarkable person, having made a truly heroic act to intercede for the life of the pioneer and received strong injury. At the same time with a constant smile on his face, he continues to radiate from the screen their children's enthusiasm and love for life, infecting the audience with his sunny optimism.
In my opinion, the movie theme is very relevant today, when in the post-Soviet space continues to grow a new wave of street children and adults, so-called "homeless", by fate thrown overboard society their society. After the film, who trained generations of our grandparents and parents, will not leave indifferent, indifferent and subsequent generations.

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