"The Republic SHKID (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Yesterday, during a family night viewing the movie, my husband and I reviewed this film. I like him since childhood. My eight year old daughter is also looking to us, due to his young age, she certainly did not understand much in it, but she liked the film, as well as I used to be. I was 11 when I watched this movie in the first. I remember how he shook me. Oh, with what delight watching a child this film! A simple little song about a cat in a 'four legs and behind her long tail' I was directly after a hit (all day docha singing this song), is pleased that the film snagged it and that today's children are watching this tape pleased
Personal story:. 20 years of the last century. Petrograd. On the streets of post-revolutionary city home to a huge number of street children, hungry teenagers without a certain residence. Disadvantaged children are trying to survive struggling about them because no one else to take care of. If they do not find food and shelter, they can expect only a sad fate - starvation. Earn an honest living here does not work, so the more often the boys are forced to loot, which greatly disturbs society. Authorities are trying to catch these wanderers, and send them to specialized orphanages, where they are engaged in relevant educational authorities. Statesmen sure, life in the harsh conditions and strict regulations must reeducate and show the younger generation the right way. Name Boarding School Dostoevsky (from here and the name SHKID ) is one of many institutions of this plan. Director in charge of the school Viktor Soroka , which is for the eyes called Vikniksorom . Despite the emerging challenges, a man tries to forge these wards, honest citizens of their state. Juvenile hooligans categorically refuse to take care of and opposed to learning. They strongly mock professors and taken to the old: they steal things and food. However, the Vikniksoru in the end manage to find a common language with their pupils when they jointly compose its own anthem. Soon, the team has a new child - the one-eyed tomboy named Mom . During his education has come from the people themselves republic.
Universal film of all time, each generation will take from it something for yourself !!! It was, it is today. It is a pity that there is no such teachers. Teachers with such patience, such love and faith in children, faith in their abilities. Amazing movie. Yurskiy- inimitable . It was a step the unknown. And now? What do we have there? Civil War? Ruin? And who now need modern children homeless?
This movie never gets old! He will live a century! Pay attention to the voices of the actors. Well, for example at Mom ! His amazing voice! Now there are none! Our current performers can not sing - just a good plastic! ! This is a great film I have read that not all the boys who played in the film, picked up then stellar disease, although some were indeed it tends - in particular, Mom . And how else, if in his life he was very small in stature? At school he was teased, attention girl did not pay. And suddenly - a huge success! He could not safely walk down the street. His 14-year-old boy, caught, dragged into a cafe, everybody wants to have a drink with him, to fraternize. The girls themselves were hung around his neck. If we consider that at the same time he still sings well, plays the guitar, then how can the roof does not move out? Fledgling child's psyche is difficult to go through copper pipes ... he is a very talented guy, but his abilities, as well as the opportunities bestowed by fate, not able to dispose of properly. I think if he had stayed in the theater, and has not left the stage, his life would have turned out well ...
smart film. All the actors - just super. And what's the Panteleev! It's impossible not to fall in love! I do not understand why he acted so little then? Miracle - guy. Superb Mommy, Gypsy and Jo . Yes, everything is good, not to mention the Jurassic . Yes, there were once talents ...
book is certainly a lot better, stronger, tougher. Children acting work at height, and Kolesnikov - just can not find words to express my admiration of his game! Strong performance. It is significant that after this film, staring hit «Man from Boulevard des Capucines» , and I see a bright thread between them! Impact on the mind. In the first - a boy, homeless, in the second - ordinary cowboys. And those and others - people, and each person has . Just need to see it, they lost stray souls, just screaming and asking for help from society, but society often does not hear these cries, and continues to push these people into the abyss of indifference, indifference and anger. Hence, there is everything in the world that we have at the moment.
Many actors anymore and BDT and «Kupa-Kupycha» and Luspekaeva ... sorry, sorry, but on the subject of the film (not for politicians to say, for the cause) of the doorways collected the children washed and cleansed, taught, given a ticket can be said in the future life, to it was a place to live and not be no need of anyone, why now this is not because we are now correct and all believers in God. The film is wonderful, despite the fact that I - a devout fan of the book, just know it by heart, but read it much later than watching a movie. Another Vikniksora I can not imagine, like Yankel, Kupu Kupycha Japanese , and of course < b> Mom .
in general, such films need to be sure to show the modern children and adolescents, so that they know how and what their peers living in the not so distant past, all a hundred years ago, in the early 20th century. And what then grew the people of these children. And they then developed country, and in the most terrible and bloody war survived. Be sure to show . Three years later, I plan to show his daughter more, and «start in life» and «Property of the Republic» and < i> «Dagger» . This stunning movies in which we all grew up, in which very frankly shows the life of society at that time. And especially the lives of children. How many fell to their share of scary to imagine.
The film is still relevant in our time, when around God knows what's going on, and homeless children in the streets, no less. Now they are called "disadvantaged children" whose parents soundly drunk, take drugs, or sit in jail. Who definitely needs schools like «Republic SHKID», (and not just a children's home), where they will learn to live in today's crazy world, and in which they are then able to find a place, not gulf in missing drowned in alcohol and drugs. And be able to become human.
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