"The Republic SHKID (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"- the senior branch - crusts! Junior - also for justice "(a)
Incredibly touching, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic film about a difficult time for the Soviet state - -s early 1920, when the country was ravaged first" imperialist "and after the civil war - there were 4 million homeless. Realizing that today - children and tomorrow - the people, the Soviet authorities decided to organize a specialized boarding schools. It is tasked with leading teachers - enthusiasts of the "former", which themselves will be selected in their establishments students. Founding subject of the picture on the eponymous semi - autobiographical story of Leonid Panteleyev and Gregory White, director Gennady Poloka took a picture much in common with the famous film "The Road to Life". Only students of the school named after Dostoevsky (in abbreviated form - SHKID) - were not in the labor force, but rather educational - educational commune. The script for the film helped to write the author of the story - Leonid Panteleyev, he also recommended his young colleague to put the picture. However, later the writer was disappointed with the resulting formulation, considering that the director removed a lot of the story, making the film more avaricious story. This is largely derived from the fact that the main characters of the story the pictures were not homeless Panteleev - he's Lenka and Black - aka Yankel, and the director of the boarding - Viktor Sorokin - simplified - VikNikSor. Which played remarkably excellent actor Sergei Jura. But, picking up a screen version of a literary work - each director is free to build the concept and the plot of the story as it pleases him alone. Since the book and film - are two different types of art
In addition, shelf spent a great job -. Finding on the role of children of texture and suitable for a particular image of type. Enumerate all will not, I will mention only the most prominent characters and their performers. Kupa Kupych genius (Yuri Rychkov) Japaridze (Alexander Tovstonogov), Japanese (Vyacheslav Golubkov) Gregory Black - Yangel (Leo Weinstein), Gromonostsev - Gypsy (Anatoli Podshivalov), Aleksey Panteleev - Lenka (Artur Isaev) Slaonov - Speculator ( Vladimir Kolesnikov) as well as the one-eyed Kostya Fedotov - Mommy (Alexander Knights). Each of the boys - personality. I can not say whose contribution is more that all the characters of the children managed to show so clearly on the screen. Perhaps thanks to the director, maybe the talent of young artists themselves. Some of them then bind my life with film, some are not. In this regard, a very entertaining watch a TV show, filmed specifically for the thirtieth anniversary of the picture. On which the recording studio with the director came to many of the guys who starred. Their fate have developed in different ways, the more that had to make the difficult years of post-perestroika capitalization of the country - when the movie actually died in the former Soviet state. In which, for years, the hot spots and the terrorist attacks in the troubled corners of the federation - as there was a large number of street punks. Which has already been and did not mean to shoot something like that ...
Interestingly, as shown in the film unit in SHKID - hooligan "republic" recalls the rebellious years, Russia - opposition "Chaldeans" (as a proletarian jargon dubbed teachers - intellectuals) and " hooligans ", war fatigued the two opposing camps end with peace talks - which are each" class "sent his" parliamentarians ". By the time "shkidovtsy" already chosen their Ministers - governing the publication of propaganda leaflets, Providence rallies and organize meetings. Peace was concluded, even composed by personal anthem "shkidovskoy" republic! And then, as in the "state" given to a people management first beginnings of capitalism began - when the newcomer - a cunning and resourceful suck-up - started marketanit rations of bread and sugar - giving out loans under the "interest". As a result, polkommuny starving, and the "Nepman" grew fat and fed the older, what would those precipitated by very disgruntled debtors!
A memorable episode came with a young rogue who wanted to steal their institution dragged boots on the tub faucet and doorknob, and that after entrusted the money - sent to the pharmacy. A similar episode was in the "start in life," Nikolai Ekk - though in the film he Poloka resolved otherwise. But be filled with the songs in the film, including the so-called "compassionate" - thieves - later became extremely popular among the pioneers! For example a song about a cat which has four legs and a tail, or the famous "Mother, oh why do you bore me" - it's a real classic! Remembered an episode in which the hero Sergei Jurassic accompanying on the piano students' song "Guademus" - offers the children write the words to this tune their own anthem "We come from different schools»
mention the names of young artists, it would be wrong to keep silent about their adults. partners. And so, the main role - Viktor Sorokin (VikNikSor) played in a grotesque style (with this intellectual beard and a pince-nez resemblance to Anton Pavlovich) Sergei Jurassic. The role of the teacher of the German language - Ella Andreevny Lyumberg (ElAnLyum) - went to Julia Burygin. Gymnastics teacher (whether today would say - fizruka) Konstantin Mednikova (KostAlMed) played Paul Luspekaev. History teacher - Alexander Nikolayevich Popov (AlNikPop) - embodied Alexander Melnikov. Was still not well-regarded teacher of Russian literature - Pavel Ivanovich Arikov (aka Palvan) played Anatoly Stolbov - which for excessive craving for "singing" in the person of Director VikNikSora expelled from the institution. Caretaker and part-dvornikomv "SHKID" was an elderly Tatar Meftahutdyn - a role which made George Kolosov. Povorihu Martha ( "Eat, kids eat ...") played Vera Titova.
If you remember to take all the funny expressions and dialogues of the film characters, then if you wish you can score one polretsenzii only quotations. Like: "on - German - tchotchke - Pecka, and in Russian - a sandwich," "Hey, barelegged - tambourine lose!", "Late - breakfast awake at dinner!" "Who hurt - call him! '" kitchen Navara relish smykom from all over Europe! "," Shamovki hundred QSP "," you Gad, it turns out, Kostya Fedotov. " And so it can continue without end! That there is at least one phrase KostAlMeda - "Do not Shawl" (say it every time, but especially funny as it sounded when he shandarahnuli lounging on this stool on the head). That's what I understand - a true classic. Here's what it means to the people's movies! Today and in the future, because no longer will be removed first. Yes, and artists such as Jurassic or Luspekaev anymore. Yes, and the current directors to shoot a movie with such a difficult so subtle satirical, touching for good humor - have forgotten how.

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