The Representation Of Personal Fulfillment In The Film Bande De Filles And The Poem Cet Homme Et Cette Femme Essay

In the Bande de filles trailer it starts very abruptly showing two rival girl groups fighting over train tracks, swearing at each other. They are beckoning to each other to come over and fight, this is showing how threating life is there and how hostile they are to one another. Through the trailer, one of the groups of girls is seen to be very close with each other, they have a lot of solidarity, especially when fighting the other group of girls. The group seems to have fierce love, enduring loyalty and protectiveness for each other. They seem like a united front against the rest of the world and any obstacles they may need to overcome. In the trailer we see that they are living in public housing, one of the obstacles may be leaving that life behind to look for a better one, to get away from the fighting and rival gangs.

Cet homme et cette femme is a poem depicting the life of a married couple and their struggle to feel fulfillment in their lives. Through the poem it is clear that there is a greyness in the lives, there is a lack of love and passion. They may be rich but that doesn’t make up for the lack of happiness. The male in the story seems to be angered very easily, by the work men, his wife and by his colleagues; it seems all he cares about is money and making more of it. We move on to the woman in the story and learn that she is not fulfilled either, she knows that she has never been loved and did not have children. It seems that this was all she wanted in life, it seems she feels empty. She wanted children, but her husband did not, her husband was her obstacle of being fulfilled with life.

In conclusion, even though the two texts are clearly depicting two very different ways of life, they both have obstacles in the way of the characters feeling fulfilled with their life. This is showing that even money does not solve all the problems. In the Bande de filles trailer, presumably they are poor as of where they live, they still make the most of life they have each other. However, in Cet homme et cette femme they have money but no happiness, the money has consumed the man’s life. He considers cheating on his wife but only thinks of the economic impact it will have on him.

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