The real reason dogs tilt their heads and other canine facts Essay

There are so many reasons why dogs are considered to be man’s best friend but one of the major ones is that they make our hearts overflow with love. Your dog may drink from the toilet fountain and then lick your face. It may hide your shoes and chew on your socks. The dog may even poop on your Favorite carpet but you’ll still find yourself looking forward to rubbing its belly. Why? Because their love is genuine! However, there are so many strange things that dogs do including tilting their heads. Here’s the real reason dogs tilt their heads and other interesting canine facts!

Why do dogs tilt their heads?

You have probably seen your dog occasionally cock its head to one side. Puppies are usually the worst culprits of head tilting. If you’re extremely observant, you will notice that this happens when they hear a new sound. The theory is that, the same way a muzzle obstructs vision is the same way the ear flaps obstructs sounds. When dogs tilt their heads, they are doing so to hear or see better. However should you notice that the dog has no control over the tilting, take them to the vet immediately. This could be a sign of an ear infection.

Why do dogs scoot their butts?

Dogs scooting their butts on the ground is a really funny scenario, weird even. The first time you see it you may even think there is something wrong with your dog. Don’t worry, butt scooting is common among dogs. There are 2 main reasons why dogs do this;

Full anal glands- these glands are found on each side of the dog’s anus and are filled with fluids that are stinky and oily. In some dogs, these sacs will empty themselves as the dog poops but others need help expressing them.

Obstructing masses- your dog might have something obstructing the anus (most often poop) and may just be trying to get rid of it.

Skin problems is another reason why dogs scoot.

Why do dogs eat poop?

This is one of the most disgusting dog behavior and seeing it for the first time can make you straight out barf. Some dogs eat all kinds of poop; cat poop, unidentified poop and even their own poop. This behavior is called coprophargia. While some times it may be an indication of behavioral problems, other times it’s just an uncouth habit that they may grow out of especially at the puppy stage. For nursing mothers, eating their puppy’s poop is just a way of cleaning up after them. Other times poop eating may be a way of your dog supplementing a low nutrient diet.

Why do dogs hump?

Do you ever notice that sometimes your dog will hump anything including people and objects? Contrary to popular beliefs, it is not always sexual. It is also not always about your dog exerting dominance. In fact, it may just be a way for your dog to seek attention or a show of nonsexual excitement. When dogs do it among each other, it is usually a way of playing. Even though it may not bother you, it is important to break this habit as it may be embarrassing to your house guests.

Why do dogs sniff butts?

Do you know that the olfactory system of dogs is about 10",000 times better than that of humans? This is why it makes no sense that two dogs have to closely sniff each other in the butts he their smelling is that good. However, when it comes to dogs, the anus has the most concentrated scents. Dogs get to learn a lot about each other by sniffing theses scents. Some of the things they are likely to learn through butt sniffing include; reproductive status, diet, gender diet, etc. You may notice that dogs who sniff each other’s behind tend to get along considerably well.

Why do dogs do the things they do?

Dogs are strange creatures but they compensate their weirdness though the unmatched love they show us. Sometimes there is no logical explanation for some of the things dogs do, other than the fact that they are dogs. While some habits require reprimanding, others are normal and others you just hope they outgrow them. Whatever the habit, always remember that dogs will always be dogs.

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