"The Pursuit of Happyness" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The first thing I thought after seeing this picture, as they say, it is not in money happiness. The film is so often used the word "happiness" in the title, and in quotations of the main characters that have been waiting for in-depth analysis of this feeling in parts. In fact the same definition was easier to go, and it does not refer to the philosophical, but rather mathematical, because money = happiness.
That is the main character tries to prove to us throughout the film. Throughout the two hours of Chris Gardner is struggling with a series of setbacks struck, and then with the lack of money. But Chris was not always poor, he has / had a wife and small smyshlony five year old son. Just once Chris has invested all his savings in the wrong business and suffered a crushing fiasco. After that, his family barely making ends meet, and it is clear that the wife can not stand one day and went to work in another city, throwing son and good for nothing husband. Excuse that her mother leaves her child to her husband-loser, I'm like-minded people, find, of course, I can not (although a departure from her husband's very logical), but it's not the main thing in the film. Then the protagonist gets a internship at a brokerage firm, and everything would be fine, but pay him no one is going for (!!) six months, you need to plow a curse, and take only 1 of 20 trainees. Here's how you feel normal father with a baby in her arms, will grasp at this "promising" opportunity? As the film shows, of course, will ...
idea really is not bad, but it is very doubtful disclosed. I do not know that there was in reality this Chris Gadnerom. Probably one of the few stories based on real events, not force me after seeing the look in Wikipedia, and find more accurate information about the main character. I'm just a "hero" is not interested. If you wanted to show the changes in attitudes for the better, then good would a script, for example, show a rich man, mocked and not putting in anything of the poor, suddenly he found himself among them, and thus changed his outlook and began to help them participate in charity events.
If you want to show a caring father, you can leave the original story, but add a little desire to find a job, paid work. The protagonist does not do anything, he just ran with their illiquid densitometers and pretended vpahivat for ten. There are already many men wrote their angry reviews about this. After all, when your family needs the money, you have to hurt ourselves in the cake, to find the money, making it difficult, dirty work, and even more than one. But Chris is not looking for anything. The only limit of his dreams - is to get into the damn brokerage company. He was always clean-shaven, and ironed, but it spends the night with a little boy in a homeless shelter, how did he do it - a mystery. And right would this eccentric existed alone, but no, he was dragged behind a son, and thereby knocked still tears at the spectators. It's not in the care of the matter and in the absence of common sense.
Speaking of tears. Will Smith plays well, even though I am not a fan of it, and a couple of times really sheds tears. For the first time - when the pair stayed with dollars in his pocket, and the second - when there was a prospect of making a lot of money, and the real work. So you do not think there is that men do not cry. Cry, but when his wife leaves and the family is falling apart, and when the last dollar is taken away, and do the dirty work do not want to, it's better for free, but with the future in mind.
interesting so placed the emphasis in the film, that after his wife Chris goes about it no one else remembers, and she herself is not really the ring (though it can and calling, but who cares?). Emphasis from family values ​​a sharp transition to the material. But is this right? Is this happiness?
know if I watched this movie since 5 years ago, maybe I would put it a rating of 8 (I think even then I would remove points for excessive tightness), because I do not often watched movies, and if and I watched the surface, not really delving into the essence and morality. But now for me every detail matters and knocking tears can not fool me. The film was shot with a claim to the drama, but I got no claim to a comedy, although it is in the movie in a small amount and present. To be honest, not really surprised that young people with a boyish looking this movie will think that either immediately million, or work at all will not. But all those who are not very lucky with connections, start with something, sometimes from the bottom, and not everyone can be lucky as well as luck to Chris. When you're 20, and you are not burdened by anything, yet you can not afford to think so, but when you already have a family, this law should cease to exist.
This movie takes place to be, I just expressed my opinion, you can his challenge. My review will not be colored in red, because the film, in spite of everything, I was interesting to watch, and the actors are very good and believable, but the script and, accordingly, the meaning of the film, very pumped up, but you might find it something of their own ...

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