"The Pursuit of Happyness" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The first time saw the movie a long time ago and remembered from the times just what the movie seemed a bit lengthy, too boring and too unrealistic, because then it shows in the film as it seemed to me looked more than fantastic and unreal. Growing up, I decided to re-familiarize yourself with this great band and to look it more adult eyes. After re-watching a little bit changed his mind, because the movie was not so much prolonged, unreal (after all, based on a true story) and boring. But clearly it showed a clear negative, namely, besides a number of unpleasant for me personally the American pathos, it was relatively small, but it was nevertheless a fact that slightly underestimates my final grade, but now it is too early to write about it.
If you write strictly about the film, in general, "The pursuit of Happyness," a good movie. Masterpiece called the seen well, no language does not turn, but the fact that the movie came out very high-quality, interesting, nice and life, to deny in any way I will not. Most critics of this tape is a little like, and academics it is not particularly praised, but the audience remained mostly satisfied with what he saw, and it proves once again that the opinion of critics is not always similar to the views of ordinary viewers and average moviegoers. "The Pursuit of Happyness," a clear example of the fact, and a very high place in the Top 250 is another proof of that.
Personally, I liked the picture, at some point appeared association with my family, because when there are any problems related in one way or otherwise finance, start constant quarrels, the proceedings and the like, at my house starts at about the same disassembly, which were shown in the film. In addition, I liked and remembered some pretty strong emotionally scenes, especially the ending and happy tears protagonist. In this scene, he is to pay tribute to the actors, but about them later, but for now tell a little about the storyline, based on real events.
The plot tells the story of an ordinary American Chris Gardner, who at one time invested in a large medical device, which predicted a bright and long future, but the hospital was abandoned, believing in the end device unnecessary and very expensive luxury. Now Chris to be on the verge of complete financial collapse and even bankruptcy, but that it saves only talkativeness and enterprise, because it is still in some unthinkable way manages to sell the devices, though greater profits from this activity is difficult to obtain. Also, Chris has a family, namely his wife who for days groin as "Papa Carlo" at the diner, and young son, Christopher.
To provide for his family, and finally find a decent income, Chris is on probation in a prestigious brokerage firm, just to get a seat in one of the company need during training to show itself only with the best hand, and to assume among the other candidates first. In addition, the hero is necessary to bring up her son, because his wife was unable to bear the stress went away, so that Chris was left alone with his son, without money, but with a great desire to succeed and to get finally a deserved piece of happiness, which is removed every day farther and farther ...
script is excellent, a bit pretentious, but it is a very vital and realistic. Look at is a pleasure, because to see how a person achieves his dream through which he eventually goes, personally I have it is a certain feeling of emotion and a little luck. Acting is generally excellent, of course first of all it concerns the unmatched Will Smith, which is for his efforts, and a really cool performance as has been rightly nominated for the "Oscar". It will be played and not the best role of his career, but one of the best for sure, and probably the most emotional as his hero to the splashing and the expression of the emotions was very positively inclined. In general, Smith and fellow deserves in his address only praise and flattering assessments and glasses and sideburns he really even go.
played well then very young son Will, Jaden Smith, who played well at a very high level. Generally Jaden I do not really like, but here he was playing without distortion inherent to many children actors, showing all the emotions and internal issues of the character. Here Smith Jr. has not zazvezdilsya boy from "Karate Kid", and very cute, talented and most importantly sincere child. From the rest of the ensemble cast would allocate more Thandie Newton and inimitable Dan Castellaneta . In principle, all the actors played well, but about those who most of all I remember and like I probably wrote. Chic directed by Gabriel Muccino, for which this painting was the first work outside their home country, Italy, and I can say that he has turned all just brilliant.
Overall, "The Pursuit of Happyness "beautiful and stylish film that even if the situation is worse than ever, even if it seems that it's over, believe in yourself and do not do not need to stop to forget that necessarily must come light when a black band, which is usually called human happiness, to which so many stremyats . I personally really liked the movie, so this assessment, namely:
9 of 10
«If you have a dream, you have to protect it! If people do something I can not do in their lives, they will say that you can not get it, but if you really want - go and fetch » !

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