"The Pursuit of Happyness" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Millions of people on planet Earth do not live as they would like. Someone pearls chalk, someone meatless soup. And that revolution, riots, coups and other nehoroshesti not shaken the foundations of a prosperous elite, invented civilization multiple layers of security. In short, the 'Bread and circuses'. About the different allowances, benefits the poor and other charitable talk to other resources. Let us dwell on the narrow subspecies 'spectacles'. No, not transformernyh shifters or avatarnyh explosions view. Simpler and is psychological.
Almighty Hollywood has long presses on human axiom 'You want to live in chocolate, set a goal and achieve it. " The Great American Dream, because in the course. And highly artistic 'Forrest Gump' (crippled wit achieved everything himself, you're also not worse), and mystically-documentary 'The Secret' (if you really want, then everything will be), and 'The Pursuit of Happyness' are one and the same setting - 'Come on, act, strike while its success. " Who would be against an individual deserved prosperity. Movies receive the status of masterpiece, occupying the top of the ratings, cheer at a difficult moment.
Let the picture Gabriele Muccino. You it do not bother, not forced to begin to doubt? Loving father and an exemplary family man Will Smith barely making ends meet, being the weakest link in network marketing. Priepert corner nepruha life, he passes a thorny path to become a successful broker, caught up with their fleeting happiness. Like, this is a short synopsis. Straightforward and clearly given the definition of happiness - to have a large number of banknotes. Families Chris no, she did not just need, even the son, of which he, of course, loves, is a supplement to the successful work. Have you noticed that in such films children make parents a minimum of trouble, they do not have chronic illnesses with fever and seizures, appendicitis, or vision problems. That is, dear Daddy told tale about a crocodile, patted on the head and go for the American dream, honestly performing parental duty (in the film "I - Sam ', in general, a daughter rather looking for the father, rather than vice versa)
favorite people. Chris, not even an ordinary friend and comrade. Once, it is necessary to spud customers. So, maybe the happiness in the work, striving to invent something, bring some benefit, to become famous, at worst. Or work that people need. Do not tell my slippers, happiness - to be a successful broker - vparivat people waste their goods or services, to suck the air out of interest. To do this, we must be able to bring in the teeth of the chief ordered a donut, obsequiously fawning over the phone and unceremoniously shove elbows less worthy of happiness. The episode on the bus, remember when our hero shoves toward the woman, to forward it to stick their noses into the cabin, or when it is covered with a young son, so he was given a free night or a bowl of soup.
This charming character in the movie Will Smith made good? At least on a trifle, Come? Wife get out at two jobs and hefty forehead fundamentally does not want to get hold of a dollar or two, working, well, for example, a loader, a laborer, a janitor, but you never know in the city of unskilled labor. But no, he was also, like, the best in class, and, no matter what after school did not bother to get any profession, he is a Person, he is able to put a Rubik's Cube. By the way, with this cube in the film comedy really solid, really it was right Zadornov about stupid Americans. Professor on television show that fold the puzzle in an hour is almost unreal, top businessmen bow to craftsman, immediately offering him a career. I never thought that learning in elementary school put it a box, I once did something extraordinary. Right up in his eyes, I will go tomorrow to ask for a raise.
Well, about the details, negates the positive film, even surprising to say. Are they, too, do not see the enthusiastic fans of the picture. White shirt. Our hero, in spite of the rooming house for toilets and slums, always ironed and shaved. At work, where the meet on clothes, no one notices only the metamorphosis of snow-white shirt, he does not feel the smell of stale socks, uncleaned teeth. Do not forget, Smith is not even a buck on a sandwich, washed it case by case over the sink basin - a true yuppie. Or such a fact. For sale densitometer he puts it in his pocket a fabulous $ 250 a unit. Really, for weeks without selling a single unit, he first thought of Commerce comes to mind - to reduce their profits. You'll see, after hundreds of dollars and the implementation would go a success. This is a talented speculator in the future. Yes, and the company itself is very similar to the scam. Twenty people (trainees) within six months plow completely free, so you continued to work for a salary of just one. It is no wonder that Will took on the job even in Painting outfit. By the way, the underground of the big city is also surprisingly decent people. Neither you alcoholics, drug addicts, imbeciles, and other things, invented by journalists rabble. Intelligent face
Will Smith -. A very charismatic actor. Charming, chertyaka, believe and you go after him in a brighter future. The entire film, he pulls out the usual locomotive. And it does not matter that his son cine plays his real son, and the rest of the cast zauryad to subsidiarity. The moral of the film is transparent as a tear baby, and does not require excessive reflection. So that the film on the right has its place in the pantheon of fame next to other pictures of the greatest of our time - about the dog akita inu, or flying man in tights and eared mask.

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