"The Pursuit of Happyness" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There is a dream? Run for it. It is impossible to escape? Go to her. It is impossible to go? Crawl to her. You can not crawl? Lie down and lie in the direction of dreams!
On this film I learned in 2011, sitting on maternity leave. Then already I left the bodies, and decided to try his hand at network marketing. How things are going, I will not describe because the review is not about that, and it's not interesting to people. I can only say, that did not happen. Unlike the protagonist of the film, I am absolutely far from the world of trade and business. Not mine it. In general, while I was in the team, a well-known network companies, our so-called leaders, gave us novices to view various motivational videos and movies. That we mean, "rookie" experience were recruited in the difficult matter for which came to the company. Then I watched this movie. As a motivational me he did and did not help, but as a feature film with a strong spiritual component and loved it. And I remember. And high-quality directing and funky script and terrific acting work, in general, everything that I love in a movie. Especially since starring for a long time me a familiar Hollywood actor, Will Smith . And he is a brilliant actor, always at the highest level all his work. Since then I review it from time to time. And two days ago, I again thought about it (while watching an Indian film «Guru: Path to success» , something vaguely familiar about in the story), and today I revised it again. This film helps in difficult moments of life, a new look from side to his life. After experiencing such difficulties to raise her son in the faith of his father's belief in the existence of love and devotion. The film is excellent! Very worthy and instructive. Very life. The main character was able to get out of the protracted difficulties of life, overcome all obstacles. ! I recommend to view all
«The Pursuit of Happyness» - the film, the plot of which the audience may seem somewhat fantastic. But this reel of film based on real events. The film is based on the autobiographical book Chris Gardner - an amazing human destiny. The main role played Will Smith . "Oscar" was awarded for this work actor. In severe minute man thinks that he is the most miserable on this planet. Optimists argue that in any situation there is an exit. But this output is sometimes so difficult to find. The film «The Pursuit of Happyness» is recommended to look primarily to those who are going through difficult times. This film gives us hope, faith in the future. Oh, how do I know these words, hear them every day on motivating and training webinars. But why, for me, they have largely remained mere words. I was unable to go further, can scare that had to pass on the way to achieving financial benefits can not believe in their own strength then the more that is not supported at the moment no one person, or maybe just do not have the ability and the so-called grip, to initiate and develop such things. Later I came to the conclusion that I can only be in the direction of the dream, nothing more. But always after watching this movie, I admire the strength and courage of the hero. It is well done. He could. Taking off my hat. And yet out of 300 students while at home, in business there were only 8. The rest gradually came out of there. But apparently these 8, is such as Chris , ready to dig the ground nose, just to earn big money. A film about the hardships that gives us a world of testing on the road to success and happiness.
I love this movie. Real and embellished the story - no cute girls antipodes wife nor pious neighbors or casual passer-by picked up, and to give Captain America , or the beating of neupalty. Only persistence and work. Encouraging. Never give up, do not stop fighting, if the goal is clear, and you know what you want. This really should learn from the protagonist. Thin, lively, full of life wisdom, the most common, which we in the turmoil of days often stopped noticing. I would not call it a pursuit rather is the path to happiness. This path is difficult and thorny, and it is possible to pass only if the chest is pulsating fire, the nature allows to endure difficulties, and the hand holding the closest man to whom you - the whole world. Road by walking really, and perhaps this film will be a starting point for you.
relatively old painting created Gabriel Muccino, but there is in this work that will hook any viewer . The main hero of the film, Chris , an ordinary salesman, but he, like many a dream. He wants to make his son happy, he does not want his child tripped on the path of life as he did. father's things are getting worse, it is my home, one after another, they have to run around with the baby in the search for at least some money on food. It is not profitable, it is only the losses, the wife can not tolerate this. Life Chris goes downhill. But he has one quality, it has an inquisitive mind, good instincts and great businessman leads a discussion with anyone. But he can not determine their place in this world, looking for many ways to the goal. But the purpose of it is constantly running away, he enters a sentence, and he begins his pursuit of happiness. What was waiting for him to come, and he deal with that? You can only learn by looking. The film touches deeply, forcing the viewer to experience the way of the hero. Looks at one go .
Very soulful film, which shows the infinite love of a father for her child. What a way to go father to give his son a better life. The film teaches that no hopeless situations and have to go to your goal every day, although sometimes it seems completely out of reach. He will not leave anyone indifferent. Heavy and ruthless thing is life. And the film makes to think about how it is unfair - someone has a huge mansion, and somebody sleeps on the street and even on the floor of the underground public toilets. Love this movie, I watched it several times. Unlike many modern films that do not teach anything, it is shown how to overcome difficulties, despite the lack of paid work, family problems and the need to raise a child. No matter what the protagonist achieves all that he wanted. A better Will Smith this role no one would have played. Every film is unique in its own.
10 of 10

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