"The Pursuit of Happyness" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

« We are all God's money prodigal children,
it is expected to heat and shelter.
Warming us, it humbles wind.
Feeds, and then takes over.
It monitors, not closes heavy eyelids,
Our secrets sees hope, thinking.
chose his words to us, tailors clothes,
And our way it is easy to clear the earth ...
he will land on the chain courage soldier, and therefore thought
swaddled tightly,
and there invisible barrier
Between love and tender his girlfriend.
In accordance with the indestructible and eternal laws of dialectics each thing should have its opposite. In the recent 2013 world it was revealed the film with Will Smith and his son Jaden. We can safely say that this was one of the worst film product of the genre of science fiction history. However, this film is there, therefore, exists and its antipode. And so it is a realistic drama "The Pursuit of Happyness," one of the best films in the history of motivating realistic movie, and probably the best role of Will Smith for his entire career.
Considering tape cash hand you may notice some roughness. Formally, it is a typical representative of its genre - namely, marinated in a sauce of capitalist ideology Hollywood melodrama with all the consequences: there are too corny music, familiar narrative of fortitude, overcoming all sorts of external difficulties, hidden humanistic sermon and, of course, a happy endo. But all these only a deceptive appearance form. In fact, the film kinodela Italian Gabriele Muccino is at odds with the bulk of Hollywood production, comparing favorably to the latter resolutely realistic approach to history, attention to detail and the little things of life, and from which develops the whole laborious and long-suffering of our life. Torn lace, not paid the bill for gas, burned breakfast, delays in salary, dismissal, constant lack of money, delay the work because of which do not have time to pick up his son from classes - all this a billion little every minute difficulties surround man like a swarm of bees. Ultimately, it is this swarm and leads his life in an unknown direction, and the poor man for a long time he had lost all orientation and only instinctively applied where feel another small bite. Since almost all live. Resist digging both small and gigantic difficulties may unit. To be precise - only those who carries the flame of dreams and he is able to set themselves goals and objectives. To such people, and relates the main hero of the film - destitute engineer, wearing a seemingly insane and useless idea of ​​a portable measuring instrument blackout. As it should be, his first idea to the ground destroys all of its old familiar existence - deprives the homeless, a complete family and certainty in the future, but only in order to open space for new, much better life. Through thorns to the stars.
The main advantage of the film in its integrity and purity. Capitalism is not drawn here boundless field for the realization of their ambitions and vanity with subsequent conversion of the latter in the amount of nine zeros. In contrast, the world of capitalist consumption is shown with the most unsavory sides - in the country guaranteed rights and freedoms (as well as elsewhere) not drinking people with higher education and a child of preschool age can one hour to be in zablevali subway corridor with five dollars in pocket and complete uncertainty about their fate. We must pay tribute to the film, he does not dwell on the purely external side of the issue, and is trying to penetrate into the essence of human existence and human subjectivity, drowning in waves of brutal era of advanced capitalism. But even in the ocean of world stars of the night there is a place and, as you know, "The darker the night, the brighter the star." Muccino is possible to grasp the unique, amazing atmosphere on the edge of life-affirmation, illusory faith in spite of the undeniable reality. Subsequently, the core ekzistentsiallnoe grow into a complete philosophical parable "Seven Pounds," which can be seen as a kind of continuation of the tape. The film answers the most important question of our time - as in a developed market society to remain human, not get bogged down in the quicksand of material security, but on the contrary, to shape and punch their own ideological position against all realities. Is it possible to keep in his quietly smoldering soul faint spark of dreams and how much pain and suffering to test how much frustration you need to drink driving to the light against the general flow? All these and many other questions are raised within the seemingly uncomplicated story about the difficulties of life of an American businessman.
But the greatness and dignity of the narrative and consist in its simplicity and deep truth of life, which today has never relevant for our audience. Many while viewing may be an acute sense of deja vu and, indeed, similar stories are regularly repeated, not only in cinema but also in life itself. Man, man, husband, father ever faced the problem of the protection of his family - from wild animals, foreign invaders, the elements and, finally, to the most dangerous and worst enemy, dispassionate, ruthless and all-powerful capitalism. In the fight with him, there is only one rule - never give up, no matter what it cost
Finally, we must say a few words about the technical side of the picture.. Except for a little too banal (duhopodemno-sugary melodramatic) music seems to be written for the New Year destkih tapes it all perfectly.
Camera work is comparable only to that of the skill of the artist, who knows how to catch the essence in sight. So here, captures the very soul of multi-million metropolis - anxious, vain, self-propelled, sleepless and narcissistic. Everyone lives here like a whale's belly, on the one hand - in complete safety on the other - not knowing when his turn comes to be digested. Steve Conrad scenario also leaves a pleasant impression, except for a few moments utterly worn out. But the main advantage of the film is evident in the third minute viewing - full dedication on the part of the role of Will Smith. Actor in an era of zero proved that he's shoulder, not only comic roles or types of the typical heroes of blockbusters, but really deep neohvatnye and unexplained characters people titans such as Mohammed Ali or Chris Gardner, who, incidentally, have a lot in common .
summarize, "The pursuit of Happyness" will satisfy everyone - like a broken moviegoers who know by heart all the motivational films of the eighties with Michael J. Fox and ordinary spectators, looks at sessions from time to time. The tape combines, achieving a harmonious integrity: a rough, sometimes brutal realism, which appeals to the eternal truth of life and spirituality sublime idealism but not the fake and the minutes, which are stuffed with people charlatans of psevdotrenerov and psychologists, and the real practical idealism is rooted in every minute to overcome yourself, and besperespektivnuyu inglorious struggle with the world for a piece of the dreams and freedom. The film can be planted in the soul this grain of faith in their own strength, and what could be more important?

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