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The Protestant Reformation was a significant 16th century European motion aimed at first at reforming the values and practices of Roman Catholic Church. The Reformation in western and main European countries formally began in 1517 with Martin Luther and their 95 Theses. This was a debate within the Christian faith. At that time there is a significant difference in power. Roman Catholicism appears using the Pope as central and appointed by Jesus. Luther’s arguments referred to a primary relationship with Jesus and using the neighborhood vernacular to talk to the folks. Luther’s arguments take away the absolute power from the Pope and also the Roman Catholic Church in general. The income from fees paid on Church is reduced with Luther’s some ideas, partly because of…show more content…

He did this because he felt that he could not earn his eternal salvation otherwise. He don't believe that all of the prayer, learning and sacraments were enough and felt that he would not have the ability to satisfy such a judgmental Jesus. After going into the spiritual life he later on became a monk and entered the Augustinian monastery at Erfurt in July of 1505. While there, Luther became a well-known theologian and Biblical scholar. Luther took his spiritual vocation very seriously. This led him into a severe crisis in working with his religion. He wondered, "is it possible to reconcile the demands of God's legislation with mankind's failure to live up to that legislation?" Luther then turned to the latest Testament guide of Romans for answers. He discovered that most people are burdened by sin since it takes place as a result of our weaknesses. He figured guy could never ever earn his salvation by leading a blameless life or by performing Holy acts. As an alternative, guy's salvation ended up being a divine gift from Jesus resulting from faith in Jesus, especially the saving energy of their death and resurrection. It was referred to as protestant doctrine of "justification by faith alone." The fact that Luther thought this led him into their first confrontation. The leader associated with the Catholic Church, Pope Leo X, had been trying to raise money in purchase to construct St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. In order to do this, the Pope offered the purchase of indulgences, which were donations of money that could give

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