The Problems In Development In Zimbabwe Essay

Hearing the name Zimbabwe country a land of 16.5 million people will probably bring an image of an African country which you may have heard in some sports event. Most common image which your unconscious mind may project is a poor country where people are living in deplorable conditions deprived of the most basic human needs. If such picture did come to your mind, then I can say that it is not wrong since the country has long been facing several issues from the start in its struggle for independency, for its national lands and later for power.

This landlocked country is impoverished and fails to develop because of severe economic challenges which it currently faces. Weak infrastructure and government systems can be seen as main contributing factor which has not allowed the country to stabilize itself and is still battling several social and economic issues including education and health. Agriculture used to be backbone of the country which now has fell to disuse causing production to decline rapidly. Unemployment is extremely high where 95% of workforce fails to find employment. It is a big misfortune for the country that despite minerals and raw materials present here, it is not able to take benefit from it since many foreign companies left.

As a result of economic problems which engulf the country, many other problems are also on the rise such as spread of various diseases. Poor infrastructure has left sewage on streets which led to the spread of Cholera. We see that this land is rich with resources and opportunities but economic and political constrains have taken away its power to develop and led to this dreadful condition. If proper resources are provided to this region, then it can get back to its feet.

Proper use of its land and natural resources will allow it to undertake significant development and counter its internal issues. Main areas which can be worked on is stabilizing the economy by increasing revenue through agricultural activities. This will provide employment to people bring welfare to whole society. Being members of the international organization designed to help all of humanity, it is our responsibility to answer their call for help as not only being fellow human beings but the representative of United Nations. Leaving them in their current condition will be an explicit example how UN fails at humanity.

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