The Problem Of Flared Teeth After Braces Essay

A good smile is very important. According to research conducted in celebration of the National Smile Month, a good smile tops the list of what people notice when they meet someone new. It is also ranks second as what both men and women find attractive in a suitable mate – only after their personality. Smiling, at the perfect time and with sincerity, can also determine whether you get hired for the job of your dreams. Truly, it is unsurprising how people spend time, money and effort trying to give their smiles the best shot. At the backbone of a great grin is the teeth.

Teeth can come in all shapes and sizes. While each kind is unique and beautiful in their own right, some shapes and sizes need to be tended to by an orthodontist. There is a price to a great smile. For some, this means braces. Having braces can be a bane. It is years of having food stuck in between the wires and awkward kissing. It also means regular visits to the orthodontist to have the braces adjusted. It is never pleasant and it takes a little bit away from your free time.

Considering the inconveniences having braces entail, most people expect perfection when it is taken out. This is not always the case. Even with the best orthodontist, there is a possibility of flared teeth.

What is Flared Teeth and What Causes it?

Otherwise called maxillary anterior labial flaring, flared teeth is basically a protrusion of teeth outwards. This condition is fairly common in children but can also happen with adults even after a corrective procedure.

There are various reasons for the flaring of the teeth. This includes a patient’s bone composition, the loss of bone support, overcrowding of the mouth and the natural narrowness of an arch. Most of the time labial flaring occurs following braces happen when there is limited room in the mouth.

Historically, when braces were first introduced, the inventor, Edward Angle, taught his students that extractions were not necessary. Doing away with extractions, resulted in patients with teeth protruding outward with their lips too far apart to close when at rest. At present, orthodontists do not extract unless necessary. The main goal is to maintain a good bite and lip posture, ensure gum health and keep airways open.

Is a Flared Set of Teeth Normal After Braces?

Having your braces taken off is definitely a good reason to celebrate. For some, it has been years since they have seen their smiles without it. Nevertheless, it is a change that takes getting used to. You might have some questions about your teeth post-braces and thankfully, a good orthodontist would be able to supply you with the answers. For instance, is a flared set of teeth normal after braces?

According to dental professionals, it all depends on how much flare there is. Ideally, the upper teeth post-braces should overlap the lower teeth. Straightening of crooked teeth requires space in the mouth. A little bit of protrusion is expected. However, this is only up to a certain extent. It is important to keep in mind that teeth prefer the position and angle they grew into. Manipulating the position of teeth within a limited space forces it move outward. Slight tipping is probably the best that professionals can do. However, tipping is a sign of instability. If there is too much, you should seek out the advice of a dental professional.

How to Fix Flared Teeth After Braces?

Flaring of the teeth after a straightening procedure like braces is normal. In order to be fixed, teeth need space to be moved and not all mouths allow for it. Some people do not even notice the protrusion. However, if it is bothersome for you, here is how to fix flared teeth after braces:

Retainers or Invisalign

Similar to braces, retainers can help shape and guide the growth of teeth. Nevertheless, it is important to note that retainers or invisalign as a treatment for flared teeth after braces would not work for all ages. Young people have more malleable teeth. It is easier to manipulate them.

Interproximinal Enamel Reduction

This procedure requires the orthodontist to shave off a portion of the tooth to make space in the mouth. This is done in order to prevent the tooth from tipping out too much.

Two First Bicuspid Extraction

There are some instances that the protrusion is too much for no extraction procedures. The first recourse is the two first bicuspid extraction. Basically, this procedure requires the extraction of the first two teeth behind the canines. This will allow the teeth space to be pulled back, reducing the flaring.

Four Bicuspid Extraction

Like the two first bicuspid extraction, four bicuspid extraction is usually for extreme cases. All first four premolars would be extracted in order to make room for the flaring teeth.

How Long Does it Take to Correct Flared Teeth After Braces?

If you notice flaring teeth and you want to do something about it, one question is probably heavy on your mind: how long does it take to correct flared teeth after braces?

The answer depends on which treatment is best suited for you. It can take a few months depending on the severity of the flaring. However, keep in mind that any solution would require another bout of straightening your teeth. In some cases, the braces need to be put back on.

A good set of teeth for a great smile is an investment. If you’ve had braces, you know very well that it takes time, money, a tolerance for pain and a lot of patience to achieve a gleaming grin. If after braces you still are bothered by the way it looks, you should voice them out to your orthodontist. A good one would have a solution for you. If not, you deserve a better dental professional. Reach out to us today so we could explore your options. A great smile is always within reach with the right team.

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