The Presence Of Mobile Devices In The Education Of Children Essay

The presence of mobile devices in the education of our sons and daughters is a reality. Gone is the dependence on the printed textbook or television as the only technological support of influence. Does it sound like this new scenario?How-to-select-the-best-educational-applications-for-your-childrenLike any change, the introduction of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other similar devices implies a series of benefits and, at the same time, some challenges. To turn our backs on these is to refuse to understand another conception of education, in this case more dynamic and with multiple supports and formats.

Steps to choose the right application

To download the application that best suits the needs and characteristics of your sons and daughters, you must take into account the following criteria:

Identify the interests of your son or daughter. Each child and each girl has a series of specific preferences, abilities and skills. Do you like numbers, artistic expression or storytelling? This will give you an idea of which application may be the most appropriate.

If the application seeks to strengthen some area in which your son or daughter does not develop skillfully, try to make it easy to understand and, above all, generate interest. Otherwise, however attractive it may be, it will not interact with it.

Make sure you are the right age to understand the application . It often happens that we put the emphasis on an attractive design and certain functions of the tool, forgetting that the most important thing is that children feel comfortable using it.

Rate if the application meets the objective for which you have chosen it. Remember, it’s not just entertainment. You need to be aware of the evolution that the tool generates in him or her. In most cases, this evolution is almost always positive, since this type of application makes accessible concepts that seem confusing or that do not arouse the slightest interest.

Make sure that the application has a simile in practice. That is, it is not a completely fictional exercise. If you can establish parallels between the application and reality and make your son or daughter aware of it, it will be much easier for him to understand the usefulness of the tool.

Applications for education

There are many applications of a formative nature that, when well used, can become the perfect link between new technologies and education.

We had already reviewed in the blog the best free apps that you will not mind if your sons and daughters use . We list below some of the most popular educational apps today:

Blue Plante Tales: an application with interactive stories about history, science and geography.

Children’s Educational Games: as the name suggests, children learn different concepts, such as numbers, letters or colors with small games like simple puzzles.

Duolingo: Duolingo is one of the most downloaded applications and a fun way to learn languages. Each lesson is like a game, in which you lose lives or gain points, according to your successes or mistakes.

Touch Doctor: An interactive game that will help the little ones of the house to recognize different parts of the human body.

Little hero: a creative application designed to promote values and reinforce healthy habits in your children.

Which ones do you stay with? Speak the same language as your little ones and share with them the pleasure of learning: get up to speed with new technologies by taking full advantage of their educational side! Surprise them and show them that learning by playing is possible!

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