The Presence Of Mathematics In Every Field Of Our Life Essay

Mathematics creates beauty in a different manner. For me beauty is when a person attracts his/her eyes on something and beauty means it catches the attention of one’s person not because of its color or structures but the pattern it has.

In the fields of engineering, architecture, economy and even in cooking has a math for it to become beautiful. According to Prafama (2013) there will be no civilization if we do not have math because mathematical tools is one of the reason why the mathematician invented the first ever computer. Numbers is the one who make beauty in math because without numbers it has no color and meaning of what is math today.

In this world there are different kinds of beauty, one of those is Beauty of Nature wherein we can see how the mathematics create them as beautiful creatures. We all know that mathematics is everywhere and everything around us has Math. According to Mutalik (2015) Mathematics create beauty by just the patterns and symmetry that we see around us especially in nature. For example, the flower is beautiful not just by its color but the pattern it has. This is an example of Fibonnaci sequence wherein you can see the pattern of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 and so on.

Other examples are sea shells that has spiral shape, spider web that performs a circular pattern and then lastly the honeycomb. In simple things that we can see in our environment has something to do with Math. Sequence is really beautiful especially in our nature. It creates beauty and as well as color to our environment.

Mathematics is the language of architecture and engineering which uses math to make designs to beautify the world. In engineering field, math used in bridges construction, houses, buildings etc. Math is the reason why we have safe bridges, stable buildings because math helps the people to have perfect formula on building things. In architecture, they used math to design on a particular building. They used also math for calculating the perfect angle for their plan design. In these two fields you could see that mathematics create beauty by means of building and designing. Math is very useful to engineers and architects because they are math for us to have a attractive buildings, houses etc. Math is not bad like what others think about it buy math is a wonderful discovery that helps us to be progressive and productive.

Mathematics is describe as the art and science who have its own beauty and wonders. Mathematics produces arts, shapes, lines, curves etc. It is very useful in creating art designs. Mathematical tools use to make the art beautiful by means of measuring the perfect angle, proper alignment and perfect mixing of art which you can see the pattern of the nest and the art. Mathematics is an inspiration and as well as a tool for all the painters. One of the famous painters is Leonardo Da Vinci and his well-known artwork is Mona Lisa. It is a product of Golden Ration because there are a lot of golden ratio on that painting. He did not put Mona Lisa on the center because he wants to but he put the image on the perfect angle. In the paintings, if you measure the distance of her head down to her eyes that will be a golden. He is a smart person specifically in Math because he knows that people will be attract to his work caused of the golden ratio.

Mathematics create beautiful economy. By the representation of the graph you could see how the supply and demand goes up and down. It uses mathematical tools like calculus, algebra and statistic. Economists use math for them to have high profit and save money as well. They even use math to see the business long term success. By having a business, you need to know how to use the basic math because it needs to estimate the cost, determine the price, measuring of profit and analyzing of finance.

In our daily task we can encounter mathematics and it can helps us like for example in cooking, it uses math to measure the ingredients and some of the recipe needs to have exact measurements of ingredients to have a good product. Another example managing money, simple algebra can be used in this situation. Mathematics is important in our daily lives. It makes the people to think, to reason out, to solve a problem and it improves creativity of one’s person. Mathematics has a large contribution to us because in every little things we do, there always a Math even if we do not like it. Math is significant to us as a human because it makes us to think about on something that makes us curious.

Summing this up mathematics has a lot of good things and it shows to us that our nature is full of math. Patterns is one of the things that we can see in environment. It helps us to make our daily task to be more easy and mathematics is the reason why we have buildings and all. Math can also be seen in arts. It used to make the art more catchy to the eyes of the people who will see to it. In our daily lives, math uses to compute and solve a problem, in cooking, in building a something, in arts and in landscaping etc. Even in a business, math used to be more successful in business because it helps them in calculating their profits and know what strategy will going to be use.

The significance of it is, it teaches us how to be think deeply and to reason out of the problem. Mathematics can be seen in every place so appreciate what you see especially it is related to math because Mathematics is really wonderful discovery of all time.

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