The Presence Of Math In Every Aspect Of Our Life Essay

When I was a kid, I tend to describe math as a non-sense, waste of time and a horrible subject at all times. I don’t hate numbers but I hate computation, and problem solving, I never learn to give a it a try, to study, to observe and understand the mathematical equations for once and so I told myself that I will never take a course with math subject but I accidentally ended up enrolled in Bachelor of Elementary Education, and I was shocked because I know taking such course would end me up in math. So I decided to shift immediately and got enrolled again but in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English, but then I still encounter math and my personal belief came to change. To be honest I don’t find math that has something to do with beauty, not until I learned golden ratio. Not until I realize math has its own kind of beauty. Beauty of mathematics is not obvious it has its own characteristics and just like other normal people math has basis as well and I find the golden ratio as new and cool one, where in I don’t need to solve and compute mathematical equation. After this topic was discussed to me my curiosity regarding math and its different aspects came to start popping into my mind and now I realize this world is nothing without math, others may say “how come?” It’s because we can’t move without a centimeter or even an inch. Life without math is living in this world without houses and buildings imagine us living on street without comfortable place to sleep and eat, walking without clothes like normal animals do. A place without numbers is like living on a different world that doesn’t have time and date, a world without history and absolutely nowhere. With math our lives became more comfortable and easier to live with the help of new invented technologies like machineries, gadgets, water, land and air transportations and other more technologies that are still improving.

One of the hundred reasons why math creates beauty is because it has something to do with other fields and professions. Be it a Professor as they compute grades and others who teaches math, lawyer as they investigate their cases time and date, cook as they measure the right amount of ingredients, Pilot and Seaman as they measure distance in every way. Engineer to build a strong houses, buildings, factories and many more.

Farmers to give the right amount of food for the animals. Merchant as traders, carpenter as they measure woods they need to for them to build something, Cashier who would total the bills receive money. Historian in observing the age of a certain place or a thing they need to record for the benefit of all. Astronaut as they try to know the size, distances, and the temperature of a thing in the outer space. Entrepreneur as they try to earn a lot of money and produce other needs of people and sell in the market. Doctor when they are operating and giving a prescription to a patient and when to consume the medicines. Accountant as they holds and keep money in a safe way. Military as they measure their distance from the target especially when they need to use bomb or grenade. Pharmacist who has more knowledge about medicine and also they give advices as for the right amount or dosage to take base on the illness. Artist as they form new shapes in their masterpiece, and even Politician.

And one of the main reasons of having these different fields is not just to perform their duty as they supposed to but then to earn money for living and that salary would be equally divided depends on the needs. Budgeting and money is math and as of my observation and base of my realization one thing is for sure “Math has an ability to dictate and lead the world”. Why? Simply because money is the first material thing people are willing to die for.

And is the reason why most of the problem in this world has something to do with money as said that it could buy material things and personal needs we want. One more thing that makes math more beautiful is the animals and the nature’s fabric they made such as spiders design their web, birds making their nests, ants forming different lines, kangaroo pouch for their babies and many more.

Many people may think math is a hugely nothing but just a problem, but then as of my personal view this thinking has something to do with regards in our old mathematics curriculum where in the students take math basically as one of the tiresome subject in school. Because of that old way of teaching math, students would really tend to get more and more bored because they just sit while listening with the whole explanation on how to solve and insert a new formula, and it is lack of fun and enjoyment so maybe it would be nicer if there would be changes such as games, activities that would help them to understand the topic, and many more fun and enjoyable ideas for them. God created everything, and math itself as one of God’s important creation has connection with anything in this world, not just the things we see but also those things without the reach of our eyes and basically I believe God as the creator of all made everything so beautiful and one of its foundation is math. “A deep thinking could lead to a meaningful realization.” This quote of mine can also be applied in math. Not all things that are hard to understand and apply are full of negativity, sometimes we need to look for its beauty, and addressing all our weaknesses is an ugly one is a big no; sometimes we need to look for a positive reason in order for us to consider it as a good one.

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