"The Pokrovsky Gates" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Lazy Sunday morning always starts the same way - with a knock dominoes in the courtyard. It seemed that the uneasy neighbors nor rain, nor heat: from early spring until late autumn "to score a goat" for them - a matter of honor. A little later, a gambling cries "! Fish" and spanked palms on a wooden table mingled sounds of the violin: the grandfather Yasha from the second floor, in contrast to his grandson, I am sure that the output - not a reason to miss classes in music, the hubbub of children, arguing to see who will go round cycling around the yard, claps pylevybivalok (though unspoken competition for clean carpets always won aunt Galya). And yet there have been discussions of the latest news, talk about how to properly zakatyvavat tomatoes and educate their children and husbands, the rustle of freshly washed laundry in the wind, the bird's hubbub and clatter neighbor's motorcycle ... And, of course, music. An old record or tape zatortoy, bodrotantsevalnaya or sonnokolybelnaya, it is always surprisingly got into the right mood. Of course, in someone's childhood or in someone's youth, it all seemed quite ordinary, not worthy of attention. Understanding comes much later, with the night howling alarm car with a crash of breaking the old house walls with the rustle of black-and-white photos. And it turns out that it was there, many years ago, and it was ...
If you ask different people what the film "The Pokrovsky Gates", the answers will be very different: a film about love, love vnevozrastnoy, longing for a bygone forever youth funny a story about the compatibility of incongruous characters who are forced to live in a confined space, nostalgia for the fifties Moscow ... All this, no doubt, is true, and such versatility, perhaps, was the key to unfading youth, which sold on the tape quotes. But adventure reckless student, swirl burst into a quiet little world of ordinary communal apartment - just an excuse to save to memory something long gone. In perhaps the most personal of his picture, Cossacks should be wise advice Bulat Okudzhava, dipping their director's hand alternately in the bustle of the hall, in the blue sky, drawing not people's lives, but its prevailing there and then, under the rustling of the soles of pedestrians and nezamolkayuschie trill trams. Together with his hero, he moves it to clean the ponds in which the fall gradually and slowly walk the elderly, and in winter can be heard unobtrusive pleasant melody, under which it and wants to do another round of freshly poured ice rink, the Amusement Park, where a bandstand you can hear psevdozlobodnevnye couplets and lyrical aria enamored troubadour. He rustling fallen leaves, frowns on street shouting shill, girls hang noodles on the ears of the search for Noah's ark, and the grave of Tamerlane, watching a movie on a black and white television ... and younger with them. With every step, every sip, every sound, every shot.
For all the seeming of the Moscow-created landscapes Leningrader Kazakov manages to not focus on a specific populated area, and to build on the screen almost tangible reality conditional best cities of the land, and the viewer will come up with his name himself. Favorite pedestrian street (whether Old Abrate, Nevsky Prospekt Kirov and Saratov), ​​favorite pond, a favorite park. They're all dead and silent, has not yet seen familiar faces and familiar voices can not be heard. Own city Kazakova enliven the residents of apartment at Pokrovsky Gates. Sawa Ignatich - a strong, reliable, like the old stone houses, preserving their solidity centuries. Margarita Pavlovna - sweeps away everything in its path alive, as a typical high-rise buildings, closing horizons. Trunks - funny, naive, though lovely wooden houses, harvesting a large and strong multi-storey younger brothers. Arkady Varlamych - a loud concert halls and focused on what is happening inside their theaters, Alice Vitalievna - ringing trills trams, not keep up with the cool fresh breeze carrying the most important thing is of course to everyone, regardless of the time and place of birth
... happiness. young, barefoot, when waiting for fate itself amazing and unique life, when everything in the world on the back and front of an endless path along which you can roll, run, fly, where you want. Until then, until the end of the plate, while audible sound of dominoes until light in native windows.

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