"The Pokrovsky Gates" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Dedicated to my family and to all those who made a great movie, and who are no longer with us ...
Mikhail Kazakov, Inna Ulyanovoy, Victor Bortsova, Sofia . Pilyavskaya, Yevgeny Morgunov Igor Dmitirevu, Elizabeth Nikischihinoy
There is nothing better than the music of original Bulat Okudzhava
- «Oh, Arbat, my Arbat, you are my calling ,
you and my joy and my misfortune!
Oh, my Arbat, you are my religion, your
Bridge beneath me lie! »
once again revise favorite, musical and lyrical comedy about Muscovites 50s 'Pokrovsky gates », A film about his youth ( "Youth is a moment '), passion, poetry, love, lust, not to fear anything of selfless desire, and go your way. And who would have thought that this film could have been avoided if not for the flexibility / compliance director Michael Kozakov and its persistent desire to move the event the product Leonid Roshchina on the film.
i dare to pay tribute prototypes noisy communal Moscow and the actors playing them:
Konstantin Romin, Kostik - 'people of good will, a moralist, a cheerful and talkative fellow, chess player, historian, whose modernity has attracted considerable interest, loves poetry. " One would not be surprised if I write that it is the best role Oleg Menshikov : youth, talent, playful, joyous, altruism, all young - in the film - Mikhail Kazakov, but in life - he Leonid Roshin as he repeatedly admitted in an interview
Leo E. Khobotov - «the retired, but not quite let go of a spouse, a prominent phenomenon, 43-year-old beauty, a great child, cooking, skating star: Chapman;. all of the advantages, a knight without fear and without reproach, people - brightly colored and its attractive, childish, secret erotomaniac, blohoiskatel, chest, all his life to delve into other people's introductions. " For me, the actor Anatoly Ravikovitch was a revelation, even though the account of the actor it was already 7 film works, but this is the role I have ever left a number of admirers of St. Petersburg actor also for the way he reads poetry, skillfully selected the most devoted fan of poetry and spectacular reader in the person of Mikhail Kazakov:
- «Probably because you need so it is necessary that we are given a farewell
Autumn leaf fall fire and icy veil of silence" (C) - "Memories of the bitter, you will once again burst into my empty house" (Kamoyns)
- "I plunge a dagger killer wicked first in the chest Delarue,
He took off his hat, said to him politely: thank "(C)
Margarita Pavlovna Hobotova -« woman weighing the advantages and outstanding mind, very much!. busy man with an intense spiritual life, an evil genius. " She believes being together in one housing ex-husband and current still groom "normal relations to spiritual people", and thus can not help 'cause keen interest in' her neighbor in Moscow communal Kostik, firmly convinced that "it is well expressed its need for world harmony and that can not be against the will bestow »
Sawa Ignatievich Efimov -. « engraver extra-class bigot in their field, have you got (Hobotova) in the hands of all the lights, and at it (about Sawa) in the hands of all the work. " Kind, a war veteran who believes that "do not live for pleasure, but for conscience»
Lyudochka -. «Kind, and infinitely receptive," some angel purity air for Hobotova that, not hesitating, he said: I fell in love! And the author sang:
-'Chasovye love Volkhonka are
Time Love on Neglinnaya not sleep
Time Love
the Arbat are consistently ...
Sentry relies change ' Arkady Varlamych velor - «actor, artist, singer verses and humorous anecdotes, minister Mosestrady: reader, soloist, a supporter of the frozen forms to tears familiar image; as a man - very good, but very terrible: all the warmongers tremble before him; whisperer, shameless, could turn prayer into a farce. " A lonely man, in fact, whiling away the evening at the piano and coming into eloquent disputes with neighbor Kostya, believing that "his claim to be a moralist - are intolerable».
How not to love this whole 'game of passion in the immediate vicinity of the Pokrovsky Gates'? This is not just a film, it's a kaleidoscope of events and destinies in the background of the life of Moscow 50s. it is impossible to stop and enjoy what can be called the 'absurd farce, vaudeville, tragicomedy, mixing genres, damn it!'
'Moscow, 50 years. They had already disappeared around the bend ... '

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