"The Pokrovsky Gates" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

My sister Tome, the most devoted fans of the film ...
Where are you now, my friends of my youth? You selfless girlfriend? Youth, you were or were not? Who can explain? And only the wind in the alleys dull garden sweeps your tracks ...
In reviewing the film, we almost always pursue the same goal - to experience the same emotions that overwhelmed us at the first viewing, to change his mind again the same thoughts that come to mind, to experience again the memories that were created when we first met with the film. And very rarely do we achieve this goal. Movies like people: we rarely love themselves, most often we love ourselves as we did when they look, or like our love for them. In my life, "Pokrovsky Gates" - an exception to this general rule. First looked a teenager some passages, I began to speak phrases from the movie ( "Catch Savranskogo - it is a utopia"), looking for those who bangs just falls on his forehead, like Kostya, I fell in love with during his youth my grandparents. Today I can no longer count how many times watching this movie (along with "Mimino" and "Garage"). And every time I realize that I love this movie, and maybe I still be able to one day understand why.
Sophia Pilyavskaya Leonid Bronevoy Anatoly Ravikovitch Inna Ulyanov, Victor Fighters, Korenev Elena, Tatiana Dogileva Elizabeth Nikischihina, Igor Dmitriev ... Oleg Menshikov. I do not know how relations on the set of the actors, but the harmony of the composition sometimes expresses our idea of ​​"world harmony". Mikhail Kozakov all created as jewelry, delicate and carnival that sometimes you forget that Bronevoy in the 50s was a young, Sophia Pilyavskaya - actress not prewar pores, Menshikov began only in the late 70's (and not 50- x).
42 words about Moscow
passing epoch. The captivating and alluring in her inability to repeat. Ice skating rink at Chistye Prudy. Arbat yards (in spirit, not in geography). Humpbacked taxis. Bookhouse parks and brass bands in them. Queues at cinemas the film "Carnival Night". Georgians at the central telegraph. The rustle of autumn leaves. Snow-covered streets. Exciting thaw. And sweet-sad violin boy Yasha from the third floor
Community center at Pokrovsky Gates
Alice Vitalievna
-. I can congratulate you, Your aunt completed the Your .
corruption - anything you do not understand. Aunt - a marvelous creature, but she lacked in life events. Loneliness and fiction - that's what got in the inheritance of the woman. Meanwhile, my stay here allows it to survive the game of passion in the immediate vicinity of the Pokrovsky Gates. And she was grateful ...
- Oh, you are kind and smart
-! Insincere talk, which is a pity (of dialogue with Kostya velor)
Velor Arkady Varlamovich
. - . Incidentally, as a man, he is very good
- very good, but very terrible: all the warmongers tremble before him (from the dialogue with Svetlana Kostik)
Hobotova Margarita Pavlovna - What does she want
-? Who
-? Margarita Pavlovna
-? you. You need it. It is in her subconscious
- But that's impossible
- This is how it is expressed in the need for world harmony (from the dialogue with Kostya Hobotova)
-. I rejected ...
- Well worth it for her to regret if you did not appreciate
-? Do you think ..
-? it is clear as day, very windy girl (from the dialogue with Kostya velor)
- you know his strengths
-. Yes, he has in his hands all the lights
-! it's in your hands all the lights, and in his hands everything is working! (From the dialogue with Hobotoboy Hobotova).
«Neet, it is doubtful ... it is doubtful ... I would not trust him!" (Velor). No, Kostya is not questionable, Kostik real, sincere, ironic, stylish, clever and endlessly charming. The observer, participant, a provocateur, a generator and a narrator. He stands in the center of this group portrait not only on the script, the director's thoughts, but also something else that does not have a clear title. It's not just the charm, not just a skill, it's a kind of quintessence of acting, of sincerity, of youth. I do not take Kostik only as to the best roles of Oleg Menshikov I like Kostya, I know that he studied at the historic, led a circle of rhythmic gymnastics, she gave in the courtyard of a simultaneous game of chess ... And I want to believe that Oleg Menshikov is very similar to Kostik. You can analyze the image Kostik, disassemble, sort through acting technique Menshikov, but much more pleasant to recall its sparkling aphorisms ... "Well, you know! After you have arranged in the solemn day of the wedding, everyone realized that your difficulty is you like soy - nez. " "I am a historian, but the present is my great interest." "Young man, Express yourself quickly!". "Lyudochka, heard the news? Emile Zola carbon monoxide poisoning! ". "Sawa, you as the newlyweds are comforting stories." . "And yet, believe the historian: the desire to bestow against impossible»
Movies like people: some pass unnoticed; Others look once, but sad to even think about a new meeting; there are those which are pleasant to remember ... and it so happens that each new meeting reveals something new, something better in you. These films pull beside them warmed, and you realize that love does not demand anything in return, but would like to share at least a modicum of that love with others.
I'm reviewing "Pokrovsky Gates", where the seasons follow each other silently, where a small violin scraping on a quiet melody, where the old Moscow goes further about us ... The streets are filled with cars, new buildings being built on the outskirts, and more hiding behind a facade of the city new life, taking away forever with a youth, leaving us with memories and nostalgia for what what not to repeat.
Let your campaign will not end ever!
recognizes only these troops,
Through the winter and blizzards to Moscow looms spring.
Time Love Pokrovske stand,
Time of love on Volkhonka not sleep,
hour love going along the Arbat,
invariably relies hour shift.

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