"The Pokrovsky Gates" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Every self-respecting filmmaker wants to get out of the pool television production and trying how to express themselves in a full-length feature film, which is rolled in the dark halls of the theater. This is not surprising, because the big screen - this is the glory and prestige sought by everyone. However, not all directors target the conquest of theatrical release, deciding to develop their career exclusively within the television production. One such well-known directors is Mikhail Kazakov . And call it mediocre is absolutely impossible. Kazakov, though known to a wider audience is much less than his colleagues Leonid Gaidai and Eldar Ryazanov, but did not mention his contributions to the national culture is impossible. Director for his life had a hand in several dozen tapes, which include such memorable projects as "O thou, my last love! 'And' visit the ladies', but that's to remember it will be primarily due to the great musical comedy titled "Pokrovsky gates», saw the light back in 1982. Tape instantly became a classic after its premiere. Millions of viewers recorded it in the list of your favorite movies and revising it has been for more than 30 years and "Pokrovsky Gates" all as fresh and original, because that deliberately shot in the retro style can not simply be out of date!
So, subject of the film takes place in the 50s of the last century in Moscow. storytelling center is located in the most ordinary communal apartment, which nevertheless can boast that its inhabitants are not the ordinary personalities and creative, eccentric and extraordinary characters, each of which is worthy of special mention. The very same story mainly focuses on the loving and cheerful graduate student Kostik (Oleg Menshikov), who arrives in Moscow to study and stops in this same communal apartment with his aunt. The hero finds himself in a crazy capital cycle and subsequently makes life revolves around his persona. Kostya has an attractive appearance and a cheerful sense of humor, making him equally good at seducing girls and find a common language with the new neighbors, who only superficially seem tired and Exhausted. With the right approach, they rediscover a once-lost talents and aspirations, proving that happiness is important is not the age, and spiritual freedom! ..
painting Mikhail Kazakov was filmed on the novel by iconic Soviet playwright Leonidas Zorina . It seemed that way on the screens at the tape, supplied by the product of a living classic is bright and cloudless, but in fact the director and his team had to endure a lot of inconvenience and become the laughing stock of Nikita Mikhalkov, that the assurances Kazakova acquainted with the scenario has called the project a complete nonsense. In addition, some of the issues raised in the film were not quite moral character and because the party leadership did not want to miss some scenarios findings because they could corrupting influence on the minds of the average Soviet citizen. One can only imagine what went through Kazakov towards the creation of his best film. And as we know, all the torments and experiences were completely justified, because "Pokrovsky Gates" have become classics, which we will review more than once.
«The party goes into the endgame, and play it, girl, I will! »
main driving force of the film valiant acts of course Kostya in an incredibly lively and energetic performance by Oleg Menshikov. At the time of filming, the actor did not know much and "Pokrovsky Gates" were for him the film, which could ignite his star in the cinema firmament. And Menshikov did not disappoint. He created one of the most memorable images of his career, becoming one of the most desirable men of the Soviet Union and the object to follow. As far as his character, Kostya, he never forgets that one must not only think about their own well-being, but also to help others. And for that, he would not mind to bring together lovers, help an old author regain muse and go with his friends to the pub to talk heart to heart. So which side do not look at, Kostik and reserves for itself only positive emotions!
«All my life to limit yourself! Afraid of knaves and fools! Live on the floor legs, work on the floor strength! Do not know or downs, no ups! For this purpose it was necessary to be born?! »
One of the major storylines picture is the story of a humble intellectual Leva Hobotova (Leonid Ravikovitch). Fate decreed that he married Margarita power (Inna Ulyanov), but one day a woman osohnala that can no longer be a nanny for the overage child and decided to leave him to the sprightly and not very abstruse Sawa (Victor Fighters). Except that a quiet life in Leo Paton still will not be as the former wife controls his every move and all the forces trying to keep him to establish a romantic relationship with a young nurse Lyudochku (Elena Korenev). This part of the story raises many difficult questions. Do Khobotov be able to live an independent life and to become a full head of household? Is it bad margarita and maybe her ex-husband overprotection really necessary? Answers to these questions are utterly simple, but at the same time and are effective - love defines our way of life is not worth it to resist, but should simply succumb to its flow and dissolve in it until the end ...
< b> «When you come out onto the stage,
need to strive to one -
tell all immediately necessary
who you are, and why»
It would be sacrilege not to mention the efforts of magnificent Leonid armor, who played the role of an elderly satirist Arkady Varlamycha velor suffering from loneliness and every now and then to argue with its constant author. Hero at first glance seems quite unattractive, callous man, but in dealing with unruly Kostik it is revealed in all its glory, and we are aware of why he went to conquer the stage and was once quite popular artist. Well, to some extent, it remains so in his later years. Velours - a typical art of people with their dreams and disorders. And the main thing is that he remembers what a warm camaraderie and unselfish assistance to friends.
In the end I want to say that «Pokrovsky Gates» can be safely dignify, as one of the best movies of the Soviet era, shot in the genre of musical satirical comedy. Mikhail Kazakov as an example of a single communal apartment was able to show us a slice of an era. Never before domestic filmmakers are so mentally and resourcefulness did not show us the life collisions so different from each other people have been driven into the fate of one apartment. And the way they talk, swear, laugh and help each other, you can watch forever, because "Pokrovsky Gates" is a movie for our liking.
10 of 10

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