The Perfect Child: Genetic Engineering Essay

Perhaps you have wondered exactly what it would be like if you could create the perfect child?
You picked their eye color, locks color, physical stature, also cleverness level. Instead of waiting nine months to see what your child appears like; you will definitely know since you selected their external appearance. Improvements in science, has provided option to the idea of allowing individuals to select their offspring’s physical characteristics. This brand new concept is known as ‘designer infants.’ A designer infant based on the oxford dictionary is an infant whose genetic makeup happens to be artificially selected by genetic engineering, along with in vitro fertilization to guarantee the presence or lack of particular genes or traits (designer children). Designer Babies are not…show more content…

To precisely refute that, i might must take from biochemist James Watson, who co-discovered the structure of DNA in 1953. “to tell the truth, if scientists never play God, who can?" He asked. He then proceeded to state «If we could make smarter people by understanding how to incorporate genes, why shouldn't we? Evolution are just damn cruel, also to say that we've got a perfect genome and there's some sanctity? I would ike to know in which that concept arises from, as it's utter silliness.»(“Designer Babies': Another Frontier?” par. 6) In other words, we have no idea exactly what the near future holds, so we must do just about anything we could do to better prepare ourselves for it.
In the scenario of designer infants however, the good out-weighs the bad. In the first place, designer infants can be used to cure conditions. Designer children are feasible through a process called gene treatment. “Gene treatment will eventually enable researchers to cure people of a number of conditions including cancer, AIDS and a huge number of genetic problems, assisting people live longer and better lives”. Through gene therapy, viruses are disabled, the disease-causing genes are eliminated and changed with normal DNA (“Update: Genetic Engineering” par. 21, 31). After changing the DNA associated with designer infant, herpes that causes the life-threatening diseases is removed, and so the designer child does not develop with all the virus inside it. When the child comes into the world, its stem cells

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