"The Painted Veil" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«I do not mind the adventure, and nothing - against love. And least of all - against those who give us a little bit of heat when we are in the way. Maybe I'm a little bit against us. Because we take and in return can give very little ... "(c)
look at the world through a patterned cover, very thin veil hiding his face, and clarity of sight, and the edge of the feelings and thoughts steel covered with them, and made lonely, abandoned to the protection and turned into a habit. Never own hand will not lift a gentle visor, without which predstanesh a time when death will cast away the veil from the face on the filament dissolving in the wind all its intricate patterns, carefully woven by someone life. Who knows, because if people make so many mistakes, they are afraid to be recognized ahead of time; and the meaning of all - the ability to see through the patterned cover, while he was still on someone's face ...
This movie - requiem for beauty, sad piano sound evocative of two people to the truth and falsehood in their souls, and the ability to forgive and remember mistakes, back to move on after a "dead loop", a perfect life, norovyaschie mercilessly smash the ground. A difficult step towards each other in a world of beauty and pain, madly rushing in the existence of non-believers in the ideals, which, it appears, do not create, but just know that they are next. The story of a man and woman, to make sure as it is often difficult to want to look under the veil that hides the face of a loved one and be correctly understood hidden underneath
first shots of "The Painted Veil." - This documentary photography of people hurrying through the streets, full of concerns and believe that if they really do not last forever, then at least the world will end with their death, but they were already dead, and we all live in the same world, and even have the stupidity to think that they were in some way right. Vintage frames intertwined with shooting hordes bacteria in their ceaseless motion, so resembling ordinary passers, which together create surprising, natural dance things having to subject power equally, both human and infusoria. And above all this at an incredibly beautiful melody flowers bloom, a hundred fresh captivate their petals, and wither before our eyes ...
Kitty, in her own words, not like flowers. She said that they do not last forever, and foolish to put so much effort into that one way or another a few days will wither and will be thrown in the trash. All the more strange that her fate was decided in a flower shop, where the young Dr. Fein has made her an offer. Young, beautiful, Kitty all sought the horizon in the gusts of his soul, not content with what is, rejecting any possibility of a similar, but unknowingly, looking for something unsteady, unreliable, not allowing to find itself, which once He lost in the refined rooms of the family home. Communicating with many people, Kitty did not want the present to look into them, make an effort to understand the other. It is worth remembering how she held on secular receptions, with her head held high walking through the ranks overdressed ladies, despising them with great cardboard smile on his face. She was important in its own world, which she boldly thought out loud ideals. Kitty was looking for the truth, but here's the problem - it does not learn to distinguish truth from falsehood
And Walter loved her, loved with all faults and errors.. Fond of children contempt for others, for the love of life and even deceptive aspirations. Walter Fane was not like Kitty. Educated, talented bacteriologist he had a modesty and restraint, behind which lurked a rare ability to see the nature of man. Yes, he knew how much keep to myself, ignoring the empty habit wasted in vain, without giving misleading flow of words, never explaining the truth. He knew that he should be judged by their actions. As a man, not to play in public, Walter had real courage, generosity and spiritual strength, stubbornly unwilling to boast of. But his weakness was, oddly enough, this is an incredible strength, burning inside a storm of feelings and emotions, hitting the cold mind. And Walter, learn about the betrayal of his wife, had no choice but to accept with a bitter smile, that all his attempts to get close to Kitty were in vain. It remains only to laugh at ourselves and the qualities that Kitty were not needed.
bridge to each other to be erected on one side only. In China, where raging cholera epidemic that carries away thousands of lives, and where at Walter will they Kitty went to try their luck in the evenings in a bitter confrontation at the table they were eating badly deep fried local cook food only to show that the sick with cholera and die better than I understand the person who hurt you. In a foreign country to them, disappointed in myself, will get rid of illusions, disturbing step toward the other, because the most difficult thing - an attempt to forgive, starting with mutual respect and understanding, and develops into love. History Kitty and Walter - measured flow with its whirlwind, lifts and a whirlpool, which is not tossed suddenly swung against the rocks, from which breath and smoothly carries on, allowing you to wisely evaluate all the work they way along indescribably beautiful beaches, on the emerald-green water contaminated with death.
«The Painted veil," a deep, atmospheric film with excellent direction, exciting music and excellent actors, allowing a psychological point of view to look far beyond the boundaries of the inability to forgive. . Acting duo of Edward Norton and Naomi Watts in skill embodiment protagonists unusually harmoniously and sincerely
World were able to show that the biggest drama - lack of understanding when it happens, it is not life disappoints us, and we disappoint life in their unwillingness to just learn to see through the patterned cover and know that even if people are like flowers that have ever destined to fade, nothing is wasted.

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