"The Painted Veil" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I used to say, only when there is something to say
Pius gave birth to Kitty, "Hell" begat "The Painted Veil." It is no secret that the impetus for the creation of the novel served as Dante told the story of the Sienese noblewoman, whose husband, suspecting her of infidelity, his wife sent to his castle in Marreme, hoping that local toxic fumes replace the executioner. The case ended badly for FDI but such a scenario Maugham did not suit, because he was interested not so much an accomplished motive of revenge, as the idea of ​​the transformation of man's self in a violent change of the usual environment. Therefore, Walter, is immensely in love with his pacifier-wife to convict the adultery, and decides to go to the godforsaken Chinese province affected by the epidemic of cholera: voluntary suicide with the sacrifice of the wrong in every sense seems to him the only possible way out of the situation because of the fact that the lover threw his clever-wife can not count. And Kitty, this doll, accustomed to male worship and adoration, this baby, jump to marry solely out of jealousy to her younger sister and a desire to get rid of an authoritarian mother's custody, it will be deprived of the usual strong glass cover, so it reliably protects against all adversities. She will have to learn to live again: instead of balls and theaters - the monastery with the orphanage instead tastefully dressed gentleman - poor corpses lying along the road. Daily confronted with death is difficult to remain still the same silly and naive, but metamorphosis Kitty - it's not magic and not a miracle, it's the hard way on the road. In this story, no saints, there are no heroes and villains - just people. . More alive and already dead
Somerset Maugham was convinced that it is impossible to come up with a character in a vacuum: Reflections on the character and actions create situations, resulting in the imagination conceived character, which eventually issued everything sharper and clearer. But John Curran, director of "The Painted Veil," was clearly disagrees: version Boleslavsky seventy-year-old has long overgrown bylem, the film Nima and Minnelli few have heard, a volume of English classics at hand - it's enough to create a new, modern film adaptation, with beautiful scenery and Edward Norton and some rethinking of the material is not necessary. Meticulously transferring to the screen all the dialogues, book and mise en scene, Curran strikingly indifferent to the characters, turning the three main characters in the celluloid PUPS in the usual melodramatic masks. Complete lack of interest of the creator to his "children" frame by frame, a methodical serial killer destroys the picture, leaving in place a mirage rustling green leaves of the tree disgusting worm-eaten hollow stem, not Godea even for kindling. Castrated background is up to a couple of short scenes and completely abandoning attention to inner feelings of characters, the director brings the story of Kitty and Walter to a trivial melodrama about a horned husband and unfaithful wife, melodrama, predictable to yawn and this cosmically boring. A curious visual techniques, such as deliberate contrast of light character along with the sullen blue robes of dying from cholera, or the general mob plans protesters in the square, their red-blooded too discordant with the plot skeleton, to play for the benefit of the film, with the result that he falls into loosely connected with each other elements.
beauty-some fool Kitty, this eternal girl annoying her selfishness and enchants with its touching naivety, but it is only a theory, remained unfulfilled to hover in the air, but podrazume ayuschimisya plot nuances. The problem is that kitty in the performance of Naomi Watts girl seems to have never been. Shershavokozhaya, looking at relentlessly bright light on all of its thirty-eight, in a baggy, ill-fitting dress to characterize the fashionable attire of the 1920s, she pats the quilt by hand, urging her on-screen klutz-husband konsumirovat, in the end, just registered screen marriage, obediently rounds eyes, showing frustration, curl one's lips. No less obediently she is trying to portray, and falling in love, and even passion, but, alas, it turns out it is only in scenes with her real husband, who, next to director oversight, playing is not Walter. The transformation of character in the horror-some fool comes swiftly and ruthlessly, and this could be attributed to the author's vision of the character, if not eye Watts, dreaded not the intended force of emotions and facial expressions categorical discrepancy with the infinite emptiness of sight. However, next to Edward Norton, occasionally confused expression of the face and cynicism depicting a love scene and emotion in an episode of the ugly scandal Watts looks quite harmoniously, and puhloschoky Charlie suddenly appears sharp apex of an obtuse-angled triangle. The complete absence of at least some of the characters of complexity, coupled with the fast-paced action illogical destroy the last hope for a quality cinema, and obviously the actors to replay music and active director's lack of attention to detail essential hammered the last nail in the beautiful, but resoundingly empty tomb.
Love for the process for the sake of the process has played a cruel joke with Curran. Maugham's novel proved too difficult for him, or maybe just not interested, but as an independent film "The Painted Veil" is unconvincing due to the secondary plot, and the apparent straightforwardness, passing into primitivism. The story of two demonstrative psychopaths, a crafty Don Juan and draws a lost soul on the path of true righteousness Mother Superior with sparkling on her finger a wedding ring is banal and tricks second-rate action, used in the second part of the tape, only added to the film conventions, making what is happening absolutely and absurdly implausible. As a result, two-hour message of the picture is reduced to the thesis "to choose a wife properly." So maybe patterned cover and should not have to raise?

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