"The Painted Veil" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I could not ignore, "The Painted Veil," since I am a fan of the art of William Somerset Maugham, based on the book which the film is based, as well as the actors Naomi Watts and Edward Norton. To tell the truth, the book "patterned cover" (under this name it was released in Russia), I did not read, but knowing the unique style Maugham depicting typical hero in unusual circumstances, you can guess that this novel is as good as, say, " Theater "and" The Moon and Sixpence ".
So, the action drama" The Painted veil "takes place in the 20s of the last century. The main character of the film, Kitty (Naomi Watts), a spoiled and willful girl from an aristocratic family, forced to a loveless marriage to a young scientist and bacteriologist Walter Fane (Edward Norton), who, on the contrary, it simply adores. He takes her out of the usual London distant Shanghai, which has been studying the bacteria-peddlers serious diseases. But Kitty, dying of boredom, the novel begins with the British Vice Consul Charles Townsend (Liev Schreiber). Of course, it soon becomes known to Walter, who puts his wife in front of a choice: either she will go with him in a remote Chinese town where raging cholera epidemic, to help him at least morally, or he will file for divorce and inflate scandal around her infidelity. Kitty has no choice but to agree, moreover, that Townsend and in no hurry to divorce his wife, as he had promised before
enduring exhausting two-week journey into the heart of China's Fain quickly change the type of life. Walter went daily to the city and help residents fight cholera, and Kitty, who at first could not get used to the terrible living conditions, later also start to help the sisters of mercy from France to look after orphans and seeing how her husband selflessly helping poor people, falls in love with him again.
this P roject Edward Norton is interested for a long time. At least the last five years, he persuaded Naomi Watts to join him as a main character, but it somehow did not dare. And the film, which is an adaptation of the novel by W. Somerset Maugham, was released in rent. Directed by John Curran, known for the drama "We do not live here anymore," with Naomi Watts and Mark Ruffalo in the lead roles. By the way, to find an explanation of the name will not be possible while watching the movie, as "patterned cover" - Sonnet XVIII century Scottish poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, a contemporary of Byron, Mary Shelley and her husband, who opened the world of Frankenstein. His first line and gave the name of the book: Oh, do not lift the cover patterned, which people call life
The protagonists appear before the audience people who have almost no emotion.. Kitty loves the high life, parties, dances, but did not seek to find a husband because he believes early marriage (although it was already late twenties) old-fashioned. If not for her mother, who once told her what she thinks of her position in the house of her father, she would have stayed there for a long time. Becoming Walter Fane and his wife, Kitty did not want to pay attention to any of his work or the hobbies. She went on to miss, as it did before. Walter, seeing such an attitude, too, did not try to communicate with my wife and it gradually fell out of love. Marriage and saved themselves only that the two saw each other in a new light. And it helped them to joint participation in the lives of people who are not even their compatriots. Walter showed himself as a doctor ready to spend all day at work (although he was primarily a researcher) and Kitty - this nurse
scenes when the characters imbued with mutual feelings are shown in the film as something casually: everything is on. background of conventional gray buildings and is accompanied by the sounds of a frustrated piano, but the views and the people of Kitty and Walter light of this love, which is the key to understanding and happiness in seme.Voobsche, during the film there is a feeling that time stood still. There are no action scenes, increasing the suspense and spectacular special effects. There are a few things that the filmmakers put in to make the audience feel for the characters:. For example, the scene where for Kitty chasing a crowd of angry Chinese nationalists or the terrible sight of people dying of cholera
film - like a beautiful postcard from friends who recently visited China. It is possible that he is someone will seem boring. The main thing in it - not an action, and the same "chemistry" that can revive lost feelings. In the end, "The Painted Veil" is not removed for the sake of the box office, and, as they say, for the soul.
picture just is an excellent example of how the real events overshadowed (Rebellion in China and the cholera epidemic actually took place in the 20s of the last century), giving way to a fictional character. In this sense, "The Painted Veil" recalls epic "Gone With the Wind": there is also the relationship of the main characters develop on the background of historical events - the Civil War of 1861-1865 in the United States
actors in this film showed itself only with the best hand.. Edward Norton and Naomi Watts, is very beautiful on-screen pair. But in general, there is no doubt in their talent. I was sure that they were "excellent" to cope with their roles (which, incidentally, were here also as producers), which only decided to see "The Painted Veil." The film also appears a female veteran British cinema Diana Rigg, English stage actor Toby Jones and American star of German origin Liev Schreiber. His presence they just decorated the picture.
Critics have called this picture "the return of the Golden Age of Hollywood." In some ways they are right: the work of the operator Stuart Dryburgh (and was nominated for the award by the American Academy for the film "The Piano" in 1994), the artist Pety Lawson and composer Alexander Desplat is perfect, and purely visual film reminiscent of the drama against the backdrop of nature, which We filmed in the sixties. But the plot, in which there is no instantaneous change of events, and the fact the film adaptation has become a classic novel allow us to speak about "The Painted Veil" as a project of independent cinema, who will not every viewer. Basically, of course, the movie will look Maugham fans, Naomi Watts and Edward Norton and romantic history buffs.

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