"The Painted Veil" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Somerset Maugham wrote, in my opinion, one of the greatest novels. What a joy that such classics filmed today. One is bad - misinterpret. The film came out wonderful, but it was not removed by the primary source.
About the film
Not too young girl forced Kitty marries Walter Fane on the unfamiliar, which seems to be I fell in love with her, but to show their feelings very strange. As you would expect, being married to the unloved person, the main character falls in love with another, married, man, but their perverse relationship is disclosed, and her husband, being a bacteriologist, takes away Kitty in China, where raging cholera epidemic. Here is where the fun begins - the process of getting used to each other, the so-called 'lapping', to which force the circumstances the characters Life together two people will sooner or later lead to either the burning hatred, either. peaceful coexistence, and in the best case -. love That's just love and happened to Kitty not immediately, of course, gradually.. Contribute location Kitty towards her husband and 'laudatory odes "in his honor, sung by the nuns of the hospital, which now serves as a heroine. In general, all - the views of others, the actions, the situation - are in favor of Walter. How can you not fall in love? And when Kitty is fully aware of all the love - her and Walter to the neutron becomes a too late . But, as they say, Better late than never, so the film has a very positive, happy color. Lesson - Do not be stupid, hasty and greedy for seemingly 'bright', and inside empty of people. Show attention to others, and they will surprise you, because 'sometimes a step towards another - the greatest trip of a lifetime' . You must be able to see the people around you, or then may be too late - anything you will not return
About the book
Do not see the positive qualities would be Walter, at least, strange, but love does not occur only on the basis of the good caused by other people or accolades . As everyone knows, Lawless Heart, and in the novel Kitty and could not 'ordered' her heart - she never liked Walter
beginning of the novel and the film seems to be the same.. Up to a point. Walter knige- not the one from the movie, Walter. This is a very private, at times, unpleasant man who was never able to forgive his wife commit adultery. Unlike the film, he never showed the proper nobility in a situation with a child (in the movie scene shows a very touching, Walter speaks noble man capable of love, to forgive every sin of the past), apparently Kitty hurt him too much. This man should regret, because he can not reveal his true feelings for his wife, so their conversations more like a ridiculous throwing angular phrases that came to nothing lead.
main image heroine in the book, too, is much more versatile and unusual, rather than in the film. It is history-history of growing up . Her adventure is not 'finish line' to the attainment of love, but only a stage on the long road of her quest. Kitty passed this test, having learned the lessons, and now her soul is freer. This is not what a selfish little girl that was at the very beginning of the story, but not grown wise woman lives. The main character is only partially acquired experience, but its path is not finished. Walter, who became the hero of the film, and the ultimate goal of \ 'emotional \' way of the heroine, her love, in Maugham's novel is a landmark trial, which Kitty with honor has passed. Her main feeling to her husband to the gratitude and respect, but no Love . And for this character should not be blamed. She goes on
Stories similar to a tie -. We draw the position of the characters, a starting point, but further development of the characters of the characters are different paths. As a result, the film came out a different story than the original. He did not slaschav, which personally I was afraid in the beginning. Creation Curran - One Love . Yes, the idea of ​​attention, 'step' toward the other, preserved, but the general meaning and form of her expression changed dramatically. In my opinion, a big minus for the creators of the picture that they cut the final and showed resolution of family situation Kitty. Maugham novel also story about finding harmony : with the world, loved ones and, of course, himself. Book finale shows us the final stage of obtaining the consent of the kitty is in itself - it is open to new adventures and people who have come into her life, and that from now on, it will be attentive. Kitty is not happy. She is alone.
However, the final book in no way fits the story, shown Kerranom. The book and the film Maugham Curran - different things We can not say that a product is better and which is worse.. They are both remarkable . The film - a beautiful, poignant love story that few people indifferent. Book -. A more complex phenomenon, which is a network of ideas, thoughts and emotions characters, that is, the author
directly on the film
film is definitely worth look. This work is extremely elegant, delicate. To him, the best suited alternative translation of the name - patterned cover. Directed tat, which is formed in a slender graceful swirls plot having Master embodiment. The scene is sometimes reminiscent of a picture that has been endorsed by a talented artist. That there is only one frame, when Walter in half a turn standing in the doorway, taking off his shirt and watching Kitty, preparing to sleep. This Work with the light is truly remarkable! Admiration and the incredible beauty of the landscape, against which, as if in contrast with the perfection of nature, raging a terrible disease, carrying away many lives.
Pro works as an actor even have nothing to say. You can see that the Naomi Watts brilliantly coped with the role of Kitty. Its role - suffering strong women. In 'The Painted Veil' Watts has created perhaps the most masterful image in his career. Edward Norton - Well, to him I have a special relationship in general. This actor has always performs at a high level. His hero is unusually restrained, noble, has, I would say, 'Nordic' character, which is not typical for many other Norton roles. Such a wide range of characters, embodied on the same high level as Edward stands and surpasses many modern actors.
In general, the film turned out. The film is remembered. I'm going to watch this movie, I think, more than once. He really brings love and light. However, still advise: read 'The Painted Veil' by Somerset Maugham. You get double the pleasure - of the great books and remarkable film .

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