"The Painted Veil" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I remember the story of the theater director, who swung at our Pushkin Alexander Sergeyevich, I ventured to argue with him and radically changed the ending of the novel "Eugene Onegin". His version was completed a happy endom: broken sensitive to the species, Tatiana falls into the arms of Onegin, it sounds pretentious music and everyone is happy (well, except for my husband, of course). Bold idea, to be sure. But liberties with sun of Russian poetry fraught with burns. More at rehearsal saw spreads on the scene of a sweet syrup vulgarity, to the director felt sick. Otplevavshis, he gave up and returned to the modernization of the good old-fashioned drama.
painting "The Painted Veil" demonstrates udavshiysya version of the free treatment of the primary source, with udavshiysya to cheer. In my opinion, the ending of the film is even more powerful than the end of the novel. Literary version of a good name to their credibility, and as a consequence is tragic because, as one friend of mine says, "Life - the pain." Not being a fan of creativity Somerset Maugham, I, however, read his work with great interest. Deep psychology inherent in them, gives a sense of reality, but his books have heady taste of a miracle. Meanwhile, as the film is impregnated with this magical feeling, and therefore turned school like cakes cake, sprinkled with brandy. The film is so successful, so it has turned out, "delicious", that culinary analogies suggest themselves.
Expert female psychology Maugham story set in the center of a girl named Kitty. That's the ups and downs of her mind we're now in the pages of the book. Dr. Fein, her husband, portrayed sparingly and plane - it was the way he looks in the indifferent eyes of his wife. In the film, we see a different situation. Brilliant Edward Norton, as usual, pulls the blanket over himself, and, as always, for the benefit of the film. As a result, the picture turned out not about Kitty, in any case, not only about her. In contrast to the pale shadow was no way in the novel Dr. Fein, his cinematic image of a full-blooded left, surround, and (forgive me this word!) Sexy. Volumetric was and the work itself. In the film, we witness the metamorphosis of both characters, not just
«maturing Kitty." The heroes, as we meet them in the beginning, is a pitiable sight. Beauty Kitty rushes down the aisle with the first counter, it is a stranger to her just because "it's time to get married." And condemn it not turn the language. Profession she was prevented, as a result of it in his twenty-four years, forced to sit on the neck of the parents, who "subtly" hinting that they will not contain more than her. Like any woman patriarchal society, she was accustomed from childhood to evaluate themselves as an object acquires value only in marriage and outside it has no right to exist. From her father, she goes for the maintenance of her husband, and it is the only possible scenario of her life. Virtually any marriage in this scheme becomes a marriage of convenience, in fact buying and selling. As they say, your product -. Our merchant
to "sell" themselves to a stranger Kitty comes easy, as something inevitable, albeit with a sour grimace, do not bode well. However, the newfound wife of the mine are not confused in his mind firmly laid down that a woman - is an object that takes on the meaning of existence only in marriage. Man in love with a beautiful picture, unaware of this facade living, unpredictable and totally indifferent to his person. Trusting dubious formula "beauty - is a promise of happiness", he does "good" acquisition in the form of a pretty wife and, without waiting for a dirty trick, anticipates cloudless family life. And this life could develop, giving rise to another boring, pointless, painful for both sides of the Union, but the situation saves adultery. Treason wife becomes Fein real shock, especially because it is not part of his plans. But, as is often the case, under the guise of trouble comes salvation. Husband saw. And Kitty do not need to pretend to be a loving little wife. And this is where the fun begins
What we see further, it might be the most cloying Siropchik vulgarity, but, oddly enough, turned into a fragrant cocktail -. Spicy and bitter, intoxicating, but easy. This is largely achieved excellent acting game. Real diamond of Hollywood, diabolically talented, and, in my opinion, completely underrated actor Edward Norton has breathed life into the book Fein, as the Lord God in the clay of Adam. He also picked up the actress for the lead role, a match for yourself - with talent Naomi Watts. Together they created what they should do in the full spouse marital union -. Harmony
Not to mention, director and screenplay (in fact, even the most brilliant actor will not turn a crappy script into a masterpiece). And, of course, deserves special praise music that is so good that rightly received the Golden Globe. Other awards, unfortunately, the picture is not won (except for "George" award, in the category of low-budget / arthouse (!) Film). Generally, in my experience, music in modern cinema is rarely successful, but "The Painted Veil" is a case where the music is almost the protagonist of the film. Her crystal chords fall like raindrops, and this life-giving water irrigates concise visuals. It is they, these unobtrusive chords, creating the right atmosphere. Music is as much as is needed, it appears always on time, and the beauty of it is simply mesmerizing. Personally, I was especially impressed with the course of tune piano, on which character trains in a monastery. Throaty sound symbolizes the maturation and-found wisdom and, at the same time, it skips exotic, oriental notes. Timely flashback immediately brings us back to the original sound of music - young and pure. A very good scene!
Much has been said about the wonderful scenery of the film, I will not repeat. But the film is not only pleasing to the eye landscapes. For example, I liked the costumes, especially the image of Kitty. Dress her simple, but this simplicity is elegance. In general, a basic property of the film - it is incredibly elegant. Subtlety, intelligence is achieved, like, simple means. In the picture a lot of air and light, but the light is hazy and the air - wet as a summer morning. As a result, the film seems to be smoky and some lace, as if the very veil.
After watching, I was under the impression a few days. The film would not let me. And it was very light feeling. It was as if my eyes a miracle.
It is unfortunate that such a worthy picture will evaluate only the female audience. Men, of course, scare annotation together with the label of "melodrama". My friends, step over their proverbial courage, take a trip over the haze of lace veil. The conclusions that you do, may be wrong, but something in your mind settles.
Well, or trusting our Russian (folk, by the way!) Film Awards "George", look at this wonderful art house!
10 10

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