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    Compare the figures of Bob and Dally.

    On the surface, Bob and Dally could not become more various. However, the two boys are linked together by the expression, «Next time you need a broad, get your own personal type.» Right before the Socs attack Ponyboy and Johnny, inside battle that leads to Johnny killing Bob, Bob states the thinking the attack. He desires the Greasers to learn their invest society, and to stay away from Soc girls. Later on, in Chapter 6, Dally echoes Bob's terms as he describes that Cherry is acting as a spy for the Greasers, incorporating: «Man, next time i'd like a diverse I'll grab personal sort.» Ponyboy remembers Bob saying this not weekly prior to. Both guys are victims regarding the violence between the Socs as well as the Greasers, and perish prior to the story is finished. They both have violent tendencies, search for battles, and become losing their everyday lives as a result of it; more essential, both draw ideological lines into the sand.

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    Discuss the relationship between Johnny and Dally.

    Johnny seems hero-worship toward Dally, and thinks of him as the most gallant of all the gang. Dally really wants to protect Johnny and keep him from turning from method he himself has. Because they drive back into the church in Chapter 5, he explains, «You get hardened in prison. I do not desire that to occur for you. Enjoy it happened certainly to me...» After Johnny dies, Dally responds with uncharacteristic feeling. Ponyboy understands that «Johnny had been the one thing Dally enjoyed. And now Johnny had been gone.»

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    Discuss the relationship between Ponyboy and Darry, and how it changes over the course of the novel.

    At the start of the novel, Ponyboy resents Darry for being too strict and constantly bothering him for maybe not utilizing their mind. He acknowledges the sacrifices that Darry has made to raise their two small brothers, but nonetheless believes Darry just doesn't care for him anyway.

    But in Chapter 5, whenever Soda and Darry come to a medical facility, Ponyboy has a revelation. He views his oldest sibling cry the very first time in years — he did not also cry at their parents' funeral — and realizes that «Darry did worry about me personally, possibly around he cared about Soda, and because he cared he had been trying too much to produce one thing of me personally.» He realizes that Darry is terrified of losing someone else he loves, and wonders «how i possibly could ever have thought him hard and unfeeling.»

    In Chapter 10, whenever Ponyboy wakes up momentarily, he asks Soda if Darry is sorry he's sick. He also worries through the entire chapter that perhaps he didn't ask for Darry while he had been delirious, but Soda finally confirms which he did. This concern for Darry's emotions is a giant change from the way Ponyboy regarded his earliest sibling at the start of the novel. Now he could be worried that, because deep down he seems he can relate better to Soda, he could have remaining Darry away in their unconscious babbling.

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    How do Ponyboy's feelings toward Randy mirror the conflict involving the Socs and Greasers?

    Initially, Ponyboy sees Randy as a violent Soc become avoided; he could be Marcia's boyfriend, and is tangled up in leaping the Greasers. But in Chapter 7, they will have a conversation in Randy's vehicle, and Randy describes why he could be making city as opposed to going to the rumble. He claims, «You can not win, even though you whip united states. You are going to still be in which you were before — at the bottom. And we'll still be the fortunate ones with all the breaks. Therefore it doesn't do any good, the combat and the killing. It generally does not show a thing. We are going to forget it in the event that you win, or if you cannot. Greasers it's still greasers and Socs it's still Socs.» Ponyboy begins to see Randy as someone who can appreciate sunsets, and seems a connection to him regardless of their various social statuses.

    But in Chapter 11 when Randy involves go to Ponyboy in the home, Ponyboy's denial about Johnny's death while the events before it cause a rift between your two men again. Ponyboy chooses, «he had been similar to all remaining portion of the Socs. Cold-blooded and mean.»

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    What do Johnny's last terms suggest?

    Johnny's last terms echo in Chapter 12 whenever Ponyboy breaks a container to guard himself contrary to the Socs. Two-Bit states, «Ponyboy, listen, do not get tough. You are not like remainder of us and don't play the role of...» Ponyboy is confused with what Two-Bit means, since he felt absolutely nothing whenever Socs approached him. But he shows that he is still «gold» by bending right down to pick up the bits of broken glass from the ground without even thinking about it.

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    How does Gone utilizing the Wind represent a perfect for Johnny?

    Johnny places their final note to Ponyboy inside their content of Gone with the Wind. The gallantry of the Southern men into the guide, who rode for their particular fatalities courageously, inspires Johnny and reminds him of Dally. This allows Ponyboy to see Dally because light, too, also to start thinking about that his death could have been gallant. Johnny dies as a result of rescuing kids through the fire in church, therefore in that way he lives up to the ideal in Gone because of the Wind.

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    What could be the difference between Ponyboy the narrator and Ponyboy the smoothness?

    It is usually clear that Ponyboy is narrating The Outsiders from a place in the future, following the occasions associated with the story took place. But this rift between narrator and character becomes definite in Chapter 11, whenever Ponyboy's pretending makes him an unreliable narrator the very first time in tale. When Randy comes to visit, Ponyboy says that he was the main one who killed Bob, and that Johnny just isn't dead. He repeats it aloud to convince himself from it. But as narrator, he says, «Johnny don't have any such thing related to Bob's getting killed.» The reader has depended upon Ponyboy's narration to dictate the events regarding the tale, and today the frame of guide is thrown off, since we realize he's relocated into another reality.

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    Discuss Ponyboy's «dreaming», especially in respect to Johnny's death.

    Ponyboy's response to Johnny's death has been foreshadowed by Ponyboy's tendency to create alternate realities for himself through the tale, nevertheless the distinction is that «this time my dreaming worked. I convinced myself he was not dead.» Through the tale, Ponyboy produces these alternative realities to handle circumstances he seems are intolerable. As an example, in Chapter 3 he dreams of a life in the nation, along with his parents still alive and Darry type and caring again. What is very important to note is that he concedes that his hopes and dreams are only goals, which he admits to make use of them as a mode of escape.

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    Describe exactly how eyes are employed as a characterization technique.

    Ponyboy's view of other figures can be reflected by his interpretation of their eyes. For instance, he claims that «Darry's eyes are his or her own. He is got eyes being like two items of pale blue-green ice. They have got a determined set to them, like the rest of him… he'd be real handsome if their eyes weren't so cold.» Darry's eyes mirror Ponyboy's view of their oldest brother as «hardly peoples.» In comparison, Sodapop's eyes are «dark brown — lively, dancing, recklessly laughing eyes that may be gentle and sympathetic one moment and blazing with anger the following.» Johnny is defined by their emotive eyes; the essential difference between their mom and him is clear to Ponyboy for their eyes: «Johnnycake's eyes had been fearful and sensitive and painful; hers were low priced and hard.»

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    In just what way is The Outsiders a call to action?

    The Outsiders concludes with its very own opening sentence, as Ponyboy starts to write their project for English course, and it becomes clear that the story the reader has simply finished may be the assignment itself. It's encouraged by Johnny's page to Ponyboy, where he describes what he intended by his final terms: «Stay gold.» There isn't any reason behind life become cut quick due to senseless violence between the Greasers as well as the Socs. Ponyboy seems called to action by Johnny's note, and desires to save the everyday lives of other hoods whom might find yourself like Dally. In Chapter 12, this goal is underlined:

    «There should be some assistance, someone should tell them before it was too late. Someone should inform their part regarding the tale, and perhaps people would comprehend then and would not be therefore fast to guage a boy by the quantity of hair oil he wore.»

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