The Oral Presentation Was Interesting Essay


Discuss about the The Oral Presentation Was Interesting.


The topic for the oral presentation was interesting and I felt this topic has provided me the chance to explore and enhance my knowledge of finance, accounting as well as management. I have collected the information regarding the presentation from different internet sites such as encyclopedia as well as other sites. The textbooks that have been used by me helped in understanding the concepts in a clearer manner. Each group members of my team were efficient and hard working in nature that helped in identifying the different tools along with guidelines that can be used as this helped us in completing the entire task on time.

Each members in the group collected different information from different mediums and this helped in completing the entire task before time as well. The members in the group generated different information from the different family members as well as other friends who helped them with different data as well. The guidelines provided by the different friends and family members helped us in completing the task in an accurate manner. The visual aids that are used in the oral presentation conducted by us are excellent and satisfactory in nature as it helped us in making the audiences understand about the concepts that are required to be explored.

While the preparation of the oral presentation, there were different strengths of the employees were the proper and efficient communication skills, presentable in nature and tried finishing the entire task within deadline. The different participants in the group were having proper knowledge relating to the subject and this helped them in succeeding in the presentation as well. However, there were weaknesses among the members such as lack of confidence that is necessary to conduct the entire presentation in an effective manner. There were members in the group who were impatient in nature and they do not have such capability to manage the team in an effective manner. Lastly, there was less of teamwork as there were members in the group who did not contribute much in the presentation.

After the entire research and analysis on the oral presentation topic, the entire team has learnt few valuable things that are required to be known and is important in nature as well. There were different essential formulas as well as other theories that are necessary to be known in solving different problems in finance. The management related techniques and theories have been analyzed and that are valuable in nature.

Lastly, our team while completing the entire assessment has faced few issues. The issues that were faced were relating to the different theories that were not known to the different teammates and I had to explain them the concepts relating to the management theories along with finance formulas as well. As a team member, I helped the team members in understanding the different formulas with different examples and this helped the entire team in accomplishing the goals. At the end, I feel our team performed the best in the oral presentation as there was motivation among all the team members and this helped them in achieving the tasks.

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