The old woman Essay

Once long ago, there was an old woman who was near the end of life. She held an abundance of marvelous recipes. The old woman never had any children. Which meant nobody to share, or pass her recipes on to, be experienced for generations to come. Simultaneously, there was a young freelance chef who only had inadequate recipes. He searched for anyone who had recipes to share. When visiting the library one day, looking for cookbooks he met the old woman. They then arranged cooking sessions every day at the old woman’s house so he could learn all the recipes she had acquired throughout many years of life. After the first session, the young chef went home and knitted a square for an afghan blanket. He began to do this every day, after every session. This went on for months, with the blanket looking better each day. Over the months the old woman's health deteriorated at a much faster pace than it had before. Eventually, the chef finished the blanket and went to deliver it to the old woman the next day. When he entered she was bedridden unable to get up to go anywhere. When the chef gave her the blanket she unhesitatingly began using it to keep warm. The young chef soon realized she wasn't up for teaching her session that day. However he wanted to talk. After a long discussion that lasted hours, the young chef eyes began to grow tears. “Please don’t leave me! I never want you to go!” The young chef said through his tears “I have so many recipes or yours left to learn!” “Silence young man, I will always be with you, even if you can’t see me, as long as you have my recipes a part of me is still with you. Then one day once you get your own recipes and share them all, you will join me once more.” The young chef and the old woman then sat quietly side by side in silence the rest of the morning. Before the sun hit its highest peak at noon, the old woman fell into eternal rest. The young chef stayed by her side until he had no more tears left to cry. He then called to report the old woman’s death. The old woman had no family. She had left all her money to the young chef. The young chef bought a restaurant so the old woman’s recipes could be appreciated by everyone for generations to come.

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