"The Notebook" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film 'The Notebook' - a film adaptation of the eponymous novel by Nicholas Sparks. Both the novel and the film tell the story, which is different than not be called sentimental. I have nothing against the sentimental, sentimental or slozovyzhimatelnogo genre, if the result is good, humane, spiritual cinema, rather than sugary sugary stilted soap opera. In director Nick Cassavetes has turned a good movie. Maybe because Nick has inherited the talent and vision of his father, actor and director John Cassavetes 'pioneer of American independent cinema', whose films are distinguished by exceptional realism and truth in the image of human emotions. And perhaps, because roles of aged Ellie Nick removed his mother, Gena Rowlands, John's favorite actress, with whom she has made ten films. Rowlands deservedly considered one of the best actresses of American independent cinema, has created in his work a gallery of women film-portraits, interesting combination of inner strength and vulnerability. But most of all, the success of the film is required to ensure that there no gaps combines all the necessary ingredients that make the film event and attract more new fans, and young, and not so, both women and men. Over the years, since the publication of 'Dnevnika Memory' on the screen, he entered into many lists of the best romantic movies of all time, and his characters, Noah and Allie are named among the most favorite movie characters over the past 20 years.
First of all, 'The Notebook' - it's a great love story, clear and bright light that illuminates the lives of the characters at all stages of their lives. Nick Sparks wrote the novel after reading grandparents of his wife, who celebrated the 60th anniversary of married life. The young writer was struck by the love that illuminates the faces of heroes of the day, they were able to carry through the years. The novel 'The Notebook' - a tribute of gratitude and admiration for Sparks those rare couples whose stories give all hope that true love, not subject to neither the time nor the treacherous blows of fate, there is in this world
very important in this. film involves deep emotional feedback from the audience, a good choice of actors on the role of heroes in his youth, and at the time of sunset and the imminent departure. The viewer must unconditionally believe in the authenticity of the senses, in this notorious 'chemistry' between the characters, or even more so in the 'physics': in that the space between them is loaded to the limit, so that even the air vibrates. Cassavetes wanted to shoot starring Noah and Allie too become familiar actors, and his choice fell on the young Canadians Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. I read somewhere that working together for the camera caused by the conflict, disagreement and even antipathy actors to each other. Gosling remembered the strange feeling of working on a love story with a partner with whom a relationship of misunderstanding and alienation. Especially amazing atmosphere seems overwhelming love between screen characters who fully believe. I - Gosling fan since the first film in which he saw a 'fanatic' (2001). He has an amazing screen presence and charisma. He - actor, able to create an image with just a few strokes. Ryan has a gift convincingly and eloquently silent and express a range of emotions just look and a slight smile. McAdams as a young Ellie was a revelation. She really lit up the screen. Her bright, vigorous, passionate Ellie unwittingly leads to the idea of ​​how important it is for young artists not only have talent, but also to find a script, as if created specially for it, allows us to identify with the character, to breathe life into it, make it inseparable from his artistic persona. And as the need to start (and, indeed, experienced) to meet the actor director, who will help to open up and talent to blossom fully.
Gena Rowlands and James Garner relaxed and natural in their roles, they avoid pathos, melodrama and pinch. Garner artistic skills honed so that for complex scenes in his performance are not felt work, many thoughts and rehearsals. He is without any force is convincing and simple when speaking to their children: 'This is my favorite here. " Vulnerability, uncertainty and confusion, played by Gena Rowlands added elegiac motifs in narrative tone.
visual world of the film, created by Robert Fressa chamber filled with evocative images, it seems palpable and slightly unreal in its beauty, which gives the history of some idealized supernatural character. And rightly so, since 'The Notebook' is inherently sentimental, desperately romantic fantasy, but we need such fantasies. They light up the life of the light of hope, have taken us away to a world where love, faithfulness, gentleness and devotion do not die. It is a world where the aged Orpheus to his last breath trying to bring his Eurydice from the tightening of the labyrinth of solitude, in which even the 'most bystrolotnye memory bird' will soon no longer be able to catch up with her.
I want to believe that every viewer will find something close for himself in 'The Notebook', a simple but sincere and intimate love story of a lifetime.
9 out of 10

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