"The Notebook" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

'The Notebook' - is a cult melodrama, whose popularity (especially in our country) can only be compared with the 'Titanic' Strangely enough, a DVD-ROM with this film. I lay in the bins for years untouched. Once I gave it a melancholy friend, I looked at not the most iridescent rating critics read is not very interesting to me a synopsis, see the stamp 'romance' and put 'The Notebook' out of sight until better times. By fate a few years later it was on this film I got a lot to write a review, and I decided it was time to look ...
... And I looked and now wonder only one question: why did not I done this before? 'The Notebook' was surprisingly soulful, touching and heartfelt film. Me, a man who with a straight face looked 'Hachiko', this time even beat on a tear. But 'watery' - this is not the only attribute of the film. He has several other distinct advantages, as otherwise he would have failed to have such a high score on this remarkable site. Let's find out what 'The Notebook' has earned its place in the Top 250, and whether it is worth watching for you.
1. Touching and quite an interesting story. On the one hand the story of this film is as old as the world, because it is written about love so many books and so many movies filmed that do anything even slightly original is almost impossible. On the other hand such films as 'The Notebook' and do not require originality: people are watching these films, not for the search of new sensations. Nevertheless, the film bears any kind of intrigue, which does not allow even the most bored audience nevpechatlitelnym. The film takes place in two time planes: about 90, and in the distant 40s. last century. And, actually, the main intrigue is whether and how these relate to each other are far from each other era. I almost immediately saw through this story motivated, but, nevertheless, did not lose interest in the film. The plot of 'The Notebook' captivates with its sincerity, simplicity and amazing integrity. In a nutshell, the plot is very well characterized by the slogan of the film: behind every great love is the big story. It is this almost half a century of love between completely different, dissimilar people and will be discussed in the film.
2. Attractive atmosphere. From the opening credits, the film immerses the viewer into a magical, enchanting atmosphere. Lyrical piano music, the sunset beautiful panorama, flowing lines and movement - all this gives the film a very special mood. Throughout the film, the eye pleasing beautiful views of nature and architecture, unusual angles and intelligent environment. You can also praise the musical accompaniment, which includes both classical motifs 40s., And specially written instrumental music. In fairness it should be noted that a couple of chords of the main musical theme borrowed from the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's' (but it actually does not matter). Special praise deserves a magical scene in the rain, which in its beauty can be compared only with the famous scene from 'Titanic'.
3. . Good hit in the historical epoch As I mentioned above, the effect of 'The Notebook' unfolds in two time planes: in the 40-ies. last century and in the late 20th century. Often in these films there is a mixture of two eras: the things of modern life suddenly find themselves in the past, and the ancient elements of the interior and other symbols of a bygone era miraculously preserved to our days. The 'Notebook' no such mistakes, and indeed the study of the era of 40-ies. praiseworthy. The film accurately conveys the fashion and mores of the time. Architecture, music, talk, wear, trends, events - everything about it was the case in the era represented
4.. . Wonderful acting job I guess with me will not argue when I say that the penetration of acting work Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams - the core of the film. Both actors brilliantly cope with their roles, show their characters in the development and well act out dramatic scenes difficult. Of course, the main thing in this case is that between the actors have a so-called chemistry that allows the viewer to believe in the sincerity of what is happening on the screen. Also worthy of praise "old guard" in the face of James Garner and Gena Rowlands. They are very touching and convincing in their images. (By the way, who liked the storyline just with older characters, it is strongly recommend to watch the movie 'Away from Her')
TOTAL 'The Notebook' -.. It is a really good movie that deserves viewers' attention. I usually agree with the assessment of critics, but this time I want to express to them his fi, as they were too biased and picky. The film clearly convinces with its warm atmosphere, good music and good in acting.
To recommend this movie? I think that in this case the film is clearly more feminine than men. So to review the fair sex (of course, if there are those who have not looked). Also 'The Notebook' - it is an undoubted attribute of love, and this film can be, or even to look out for all lovers. In addition, this picture can be safely attributed to the category of family films: no obscenities in it, and I think older children (especially girls) will be interesting to see such a beautiful love story. In any case, you probably will not regret that decided to see 'The Notebook'. You will surely get a charge heartbreaking emotions, as well as give your brain generous portions of food for thought on a variety of topics.
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