"The Notebook" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Nowadays it is very rarely found a film that is able to touch you and hit home. After all, most of the movie is going only for business purposes and for the creators of benefits. When as much a problem for the tape goes by the wayside. It's nice to understand what is really spiritual tapes still exist, and this film is one of them. Being an ardent admirer of the Nicholas Sparks, I decided to watch a movie a long time ago and over the years, willingly reviewing the film over and over again. That for me is a rarity. In this connection, to assess the work of Nick Cassavetes I can not assess more than good. Rather, the assessment above "excellent".
After the film is based is incredibly beautiful, touching and sincere. Where these emotions are kept completely throughout the entire tape and create a full image of the atmosphere tape, which creates a convincing image of this love of the tape. At the same time, it is impressive, and how exactly the audience passed all cooked director and the emotion that manages to experience while watching the tape. In this connection, the work of Nike has turned out so full and attractive, that tear his eyes from what he saw will not work even if you want. Not because it is impossible to do, or something like that. Rather, because they simply do not want to take your eyes off the beauty that Nick made the basis of the tape. But in the film really is on what to see. As a rather amusing and funny moments, and in the touching, very emotional. In connection with this, Name to build a real bridge to the hearts of the audience with its incredible quality directing. Under spectacular of which, as the viewer enjoys together with characters and going through with them. At the same time, those smiles and tears that cause this movie seem so sincere that willingly believe in the reality of what is happening on the screen. This is a nice compliment for any filmmaker. At least, I think so.
I am an ardent admirer of the Nicholas Sparks and consider it one of the best contemporary writers of romantic fiction. Because, unlike most contemporary authors, he tells us a love story of the last century. When people wore hats and suspenders. A woman walked around in dresses only. Stories of the time when the sincerity of love was not fake and portrayed the love of words is something sublime. In this connection, each work Nicolas is a real gift for me. The same as a gift to me was this work, which is reflected in itself everything and more that I have described above.
After all, it did not the story of an ordinary love. Rather, genuine love, beautiful and so strong that it could not stop anything. Neither the time nor the opposition of parents, or even a disease that wiped out most of the memory of the experience. About love so strong that it was worthy of what to ink and paper immortalized it in the memory of all its readers. That kind of love is now a great rarity, and the subject of dreams of both men and women. And this provides
please the audience this novel. I have that tape writers were not allowed under the reduction of the novel and there is almost no change. In consequence of that, no gaps and holes in the stories is not formed. Rather, the story unfolded more easily available to the public. In consequence of that, the picture story is so interesting that gladly carry you for many years of the lives of the characters. Where each of the characters varies greatly throughout his life. As well as their love grew stronger. The writers have described in the picture both in abundance really romantic and beautiful moments, and incredibly beautiful words that are willing to pull out from the context of the movie and want to talk to her beloved man. Finals are always the main advantage of the novel Nicolas . Because they show the incredible power of love. When the heroes decide to be together even when any of them who are sick or sacrifice it for the sake of happiness of a loved one. What is the main definition of the power of love, which today is a huge rarity. In this case, it turned out a final, which is certainly impressive and creates a thought in my head, "That's the real love".
Almost all the films of this genre are held on the harmony between the two partners and of the chemistry that is easy to feel the audience. In this case, a pair of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams has seemed to me one of the most beautiful and organic, that I've ever seen. Where there is not only chemistry, but also something more. Speaking about the game actors, there are no words that could describe the magnificence of their games. After all, they are incredibly much got used to their heroes and just lived their lives in front of us. What can be said about the James Garner and Gena Rowlands, who finished the game with dignity above the selected actors for his execution. Special thanks I want to say Joan Allen, Sam Shepard, James Marsden and many others who create a full image of the magnificent acting tape.
Aaron Zigman is one of those composers who always feel that is able to touch the viewer. At the same time, it creates music for frequent with the same tools, but always in a completely different sound. Immediately, Aaron perfectly adapted the music of that time and splol her with his classic style. In this connection, the music turned out incredibly beautiful and spiritual. A game on the wind and stringed instruments turned out so gorgeous that you can listen to music with pleasure and to infinity.
10 of 10
Incredibly beautiful, romantic, touching, emotional and spiritual film. One of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. A masterpiece that does not need any advice, and who willingly revising again and again. What I recommend to do to you. It is not watching this film, you make a huge mistake.

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