"The Notebook" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Trusting, hypochondriac who wants to be deceived by false emotions spectator squeezes arm of his chair with every heartbreaking episode adaptation of love and blissfully thinking: 'Yes! This is love! It is a masterpiece! This immortal hits of all time! '. Cunning, or simply obsessed with romantic bikes author (but most likely, and that, and another) skillfully and carefully pulls the strings of the human senses, and plays on the strings of the soul. Everything here is subject to one rule - more vanilla romantic, melodramatic molasses, refined love. But even this is not enough. Therefore, even if the concept will be even sweeter, more perfect, more pathos. Give them something about what everyone dreams of. Style and attention to detail by Nicholas Sparks plan immediately recognizable. As well as mandatory and immediately guessed and anticipated ending of this story, which cost tens of millions of dollars, but in terms of the value and credibility of the art and will not sell for a penny. Ardent admirers and fans of Sparks is not recommended to read more.
'The Notebook', which I have long hesitated to look through the inner voice, I strongly advise against this dubious venture, in fact, turned out to be the worst adaptation of Sparks novel of all, I saw. And I saw a lot of them. It might seem like you can say against a writer who writes only for the love of utopia impressionable ladies that he has gone too far. And that's possible. 'Diary', even taking into account the style and techniques of the crown of the author came out very well, cloying. Disgusting cloying, I would say.
funny guys, but Sparks did not even bother to write a good love ties. To meet, talk and everything - love, which never happened. Stop. It was not. It is possible that in life can happen sometimes. But as it happens, they feel in love, as it happens in the soul of man - is nothing in history is not told. Almost immediately, suddenly, we are already seeing the fiery passion of a boy with a sawmill and the city girl who was touchy and voobrazhaloy, but made an exception for the guy - shirt penniless. So it will not work. Certainly, at least, explain, friend - writer. As with any such story, this is a part of the separation, stretching like chewing gum depression loneliness of one (or both) of the characters and the complete reunification of the two people made for each other. As a rule, there are mother - Chimera (could be, for example, a friend, or just mentor), who tries to protect her daughter from her circling swarm of kids. There is a certain joint dream that come true, come what may. And there's something that draws the 'Titanic' on the bottom -. It is intolerable layering snot, tears and lamentations, which destroys the whole idea in the bud scenic
recently viewed me last released in rent (for the moment) a novel by Sparks - ' Long road 'was at times better. Even though it is also built on the typical methods for the author. Despite the fact that there, too, it was not nearly as good as we would like. But there was atmospheric and interesting to almost everything - the place of action, great music by Hicham El Guerrouj, cowboys and bulls, bright girl, beautiful full-scale survey. In the 'Diary' of all this is not enough. The music here is not saved completely, except for dribbling the narrative is no longer what his eye, while the number of beautiful scenes can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Heroes get wet in the rain, the guy grabs her and drags on the top floor of the house to the bedroom - like, is not this reference frame for melodrama. Will you and 'Ah!' and 'Oh!'. Apparently not. Of course, riding a boat on the lake - it's beautiful. But this one - the only scene that we note
Noah place itself does not find, build a house, drinking beer, overgrown beard from time to time, love in his big empty house, an attractive young widow, played in the sufferer.. This 'live' man, if not the last. Ellie, like, everything is already forgotten, she is happy and spend their leisure time in the company's successful husband. On this, if we were not in a fairy tale Sparks, the story had to end. But no. The spider weaves a web, and flies do fly for lunch.
What is love? Everyone decides that love for him. But she can not be without difficulties, loss, death of thousands of nerve cells, spoken rude. Because love is the supplier of beautiful and witty love is vacuum dreamy fantasies - these are two completely different things. Because and scary that people have forgotten how to love. These feelings have changed them on false and invented the sweetness of romantic with a big road. But why not find, at least, the middle ground, holding the corresponding degree for the movies, but not drowned in the girls' fantasies, where the rest of the swim uncomfortable and cramped. Mystery. However, is not that mystery. People like version of Nicholas Sparks. It is polished to a high gloss, is obliged to swell scale of domestic relations in fireworks dozens of bright colors, it will help to relax and fly away from this mortal reality that everyone already pretty bored
'The Notebook' -. Is the worst job Sparks in my personal list. She too naigrannosti critically honed to perfection, but because its annoying false views and attempt to bribe all that one can do in such a picture. And the blame for this is not Nick Cassavetes, naturally. Heroes farts roses and lily of the valley, hair flying in the wind, Rachel McAdams begins to get too carried away and re-play, Gosling, on the contrary, almost nowhere to improvise, and Sparks throws more and more wood, not wishing to burn, so burn. Romance is definitely an amazing thing and necessary for human beings. Whether you're a guy or girl. Since it is easier and more interesting to live. I myself am a romantic, among other things. That's just, I was not pleased when everything is converted into a shop selling cheap weighed cranberry is not the first freshness. Score for the film score for Gosling, who all - still build a house of their dreams
2 of 10.

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