"The Notebook" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Noah - a simple guy from a provincial town, who grew up in a very poor family and worked at the sawmill. Alley - a girl from an aristocratic family, whose parents are the most common for high society people-centered approach to life: lower class people can not earn even a little of their precious time, attention is awarded only equal or those who are higher. In this case, some kind of bad influence not had such a policy in the Ellie's relatives, she is quite well educated, familiar with good manners and does not behave like a conceited bitch, arrogantly denouncing all who are not fortunate enough to be born in the house of the rich. Nevertheless, the difference in social classes is evident, so it will not be simple.
Allie and Noah are introduced in an amusement park, where he was hopelessly in love with her and then invites her on a date. It takes a little time, and we are seeing already a fully formed pair Ellie meets Noah reciprocate. But if Noah's father is clearly delighted with the girlfriend's son, here parents Ellie fundamentally opposed to such a union. Dating scene in November with my parents at dinner Ellie perfectly demonstrates the attitude of the audience seated high majors the representatives of the lower classes. Allie Young and ambitious, within it all ablaze with fire, the parents' opinion about November it does not share, but because constantly with them canine, defending his choice. But the trouble is that Noah once heard one such quarrel, and came to the conclusion that none of these relations is not acceptable will
But love -. Corrosive thing, just to get rid of such feelings will not work, so that already The next day, Noah moved to the favorite, where he discovered that the family moved Ellie. Outposts in place only an empty house, Noah starts to write the number of the wild letters, recognizing that he was wrong and wants to be with her, that he was ready to come somewhere else, even at the end of the world. These letters are a matter of falling into the hands did not Ellie and her snobbish mother that all this romantic scribbling just hiding far away, so to his beloved little daughter did not return all of these silly ideas to build relationships with the hillbillies. Noah eventually wrote a last letter, and then there was a war.
After the war, Noah returned to his city, and proceeded to the house restoration, in which he wanted to live with Ellie and even gave her a promise that the way it is. To complete the house, he puts it up for sale through a newspaper advertisement. What about Ellie? Ellie during the war worked in the hospital and met there with the wounded pilot. The guy was very nice and interesting, so they started dating after the war, and then he did and made her an offer. Parents, of course, delighted to say, it's a good party. Well, Allie agrees, and to be honest, all is right, the pilot turned out to be quite a worthy representative of the military profession and the male half of humanity as a whole.
But when he saw a newspaper advertisement for the sale of the house, next to which stands as if nothing had happened, Noah, Ellie rushes to him to before the wedding yet to decide what she really needed. Well, after all protocol: a friendly dinner, a romantic walk, unplanned sex and conversation in a raised voice, which should make it clear that the same between them really. And if Noah clearly says that he wants to be with her, Ellie slightly confused, because she was on the verge of marriage with a very decent guy-pilot. And it is not her fault that life is so cruel they divorced, she did not receive his letters that a newspaper advertisement appeared only now and not earlier in the half-year. And she had to decide whether to go on his heart or conscience
film is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, the best-selling first week sales?. Story carried through years of all-consuming love has been read by millions of people, and the movie is one of the most vysokootsenennyh representatives of the genre. Staging is done at a very decent level, the atmosphere of those times is recreated convincingly, starting from the town, where there are basic events and finishing machines, clothing and more fine details.
It was very important to pick up the main performers. The viewer is able to really worry about the main characters, just need to cast themselves into believing that they are playing. In fact they do not need to play their characters and live their lives. The slightest artificiality, and the case will smell of hypocrisy, and the viewer feels the veteran is a mile away. So who is invited?
Cinema saw the light in 2004, but the development of it was already since 1995. And then the role of Tom Cruise in November was planned, and I honestly do not know what would come of it, because the attitude towards Cruz differently. Perhaps in the distant 95th it would be nice approached for this role, it is sufficient to recall the film "distant country." But in 2004 for this role, Tom was a little bit old, is purely my opinion. It is also planned to perform this role, Justin Timberlake, and here, too, is unclear. As an actor Timberlake could easily play at a level that his role in the "Alfa-mastiff" is gorgeous, but the character of Noah and Mr. N'Sync somehow not fit in my head. As a result, we chose Ryan Gosling. Very bright actor, capable of transmitting a range of emotions only with his eyes. Noah in his performance looks quite convincing, and his character really empathize.
role of Ellie went to Rachel McAdams. Cheerful girl from a successful family who did not know life any difficulties and obstacles under the heavy pressure of their own destiny is changing right before our eyes. First Love inspires, but the separation is to drive in a very deep hole. Not broken. Then the war, where she also did not sit behind a powerful ancestors. In the postwar years, we already see a woman, though young, but already quite capable of taking their own decisions. McAdams quite managed to win back these changes and experiences of its heroine.
What is the result? Immediately evident that the film was made on the basis of a good literary source that the story is not sucked from the finger, and was written by the author with a full understanding of the case. What is interesting to watch this movie has quite the sense of not only the fair half and terribly romantic guys, because this film - not just a ride, and it is a full demonstration that the perfect love exists on our planet, may be once in a hundred years, can not in your case, but it happens. We look at them and hope to try that kind of life for themselves. Useful film.

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