"The Nightmare Before Christmas" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In our country, that is not the day, the reason to drink, a variety of professional and religious holidays. And the worst thing is that we have forgotten how to really celebrate. A bottle of vodka on the table - ready for the holiday! Our New Year's significance is not inferior to Western Christmas - Christmas tree, gifts, bearded little man - everything is there. But we celebrate our holiday much more boring than our friends overseas, no light garlands on the tree can not be compared with the beauty of the American streets, shining warm red colors and decorated with ice sculptures of angels. And to touch this world overseas holidays help us film, frame by frame which immerses us in this charming tale.
New Year we traditionally meet with a glass of champagne, salad and a wonderful view of the Christmas film of Chris Columbus ' ' Home Alone ' . And unfortunately, we forget about such a meaningful holiday in the west, but not significant, we - 'Halloween', which is celebrated before Christmas. On this night, children dress up in costumes of different monsters and go from house to house in search of sweet profit. This holiday in Russia, we will not soon see that there he will move entirely to us? We can only watch through the TV screens this spectacle. The main way to plunge into a celebration of two of Western holidays is immortal picture of Henry Selick and Tim Burton's 'Nightmare Before Christmas' .
'Nightmare Before Christmas' - American cartoon-musical with immediate horror elements, long ago became a classic and the anthem of the most 'horrible' festival in the world - Halloween. At the beginning of his career, Tim Burton wrote 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', a story, a story about a certain town of Halloween, in which live ghouls, ghosts, skeletons, and other vermin. On the night of 31 of November 1, the entire population of the town of sinister underground rises to the human world with the purpose to scare to death; Jack manages this procession Skelington, pumpkins lord and master of his craft. Director of the film was chosen by Henry Selick, it had no impact on the 'bertonavskuyu' atmosphere.
Cartoon meets us insane performance, concludes the latest foray into the world of the living by a beautiful song 'This Is Halloween', which you probably already heard. Just want to note that the music in the film is not so much accompaniment, as an integral part of it. Composer Danny Elfman wrote and performed for this masterpiece songs that have been covered more than once. Subsequently, which was released on a special drive where the film soundtrack was replayed various indie and rock performers. Elfman himself sang vocals and played the protagonist role of two other characters.
' Children of all ages
hour to leave his father's home
path we now have one
The kingdom Halloween. '
Among forever bare trees and graves located Halloween town, where he lived all babayki. Over the city instead of the moon lit a huge pumpkin, illuminating gothic castles and a dead land. All of the town population lives only one Halloween every day they prepare for the upcoming festival, and when counting down the days over, they again set foot in the world of the living. Involuntarily surprised by the author's imagination, he looks at the world through the eyes of a child, the monsters there do not pursue any higher goals, their main task - to scare and nothing more. The town itself is filled with all sorts of creatures of terrible tales: werewolves howling ghosts, vampires with a Hungarian accent ... As the local residents do not need food, drink and comfort, the city developed a 'fear industry', the head of all this, Jack is assigned Skelington have which is best obtained to scare people, but very entertaining is the fact that despite the fact that it is the local king, he has tantamount to the opposition - a Ugi-Boogie Man (Boogeyman), which is a supporter of not simple intimidation, and most of the present boiling kills. Bring a sacrifice to the gray hair on the hair - not his style. His refuge -. 'Casino of death', where it is always a winner
The plot gets under way when Jack is tired of the monotony. In search of something new, he goes into the world of Christmas, which decides to celebrate in their own way, thereby arrange the output Santa Claus. It is clear that nothing good will come out, but our hero is short-sighted, so all warnings girl Sally left them unnoticed as her love for him.
cartoon is dedicated not so much by the holidays, many spiritual quest of the hero, who is trying to find their place in the world. Also in the picture focuses on the love line and raises the problem of the family. The latter can be traced in the relationship of Dr. Frankenstein and his 'daughter' Sally.
characters are very colorful, which is worth only one two-faced, whose sunny disposition in the blink of an eye is replaced by a melancholy, pessimistic. A 'Jack - the master of pumpkins' was one of the most popular characters to be printed on T-shirts, notebooks, etc.
' The Nightmare Before Christmas ' is worth watching in the original with subtitles, in order to hear the wonderful voices of Danny Elfman, Catherine O'Hara and others. But also to avoid the Russian dubbing, I would not recommend it, it is usually accepted to abuse, but in this case it turned out gorgeous. "Kozyrevsky" translation highlight the presence of Russian rock stars Alex Kortnev, Hleb and Vadim Samoilov, Garik Sukachev and many others. For the first time dubbing was in so much good that he wants to put forward in a separate nomination for an Oscar for best dubbing '. Trio 'Shito, indoor and trough' (in the original Lock, Shock and Barrel) deserves applause, the song 'Kidnap Santo' out of my head can not go a whole week.
' Take Santa Claus
and kitchen march !
With bow and under the sauce fry
Santa Stuffing '
' The Nightmare before Christmas' Burton - a brilliant history, masterpiece that time viewing in childhood, begin to review each year, each time finding something new in this creation. Due to the success of this evil-tales come to light masterpieces such as 'Coraline' and 'Corpse Bride' .
10 of 10

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