"The Nightmare Before Christmas" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Gorgeous and inimitable Hollywood wizard Tim Burton movie began to learn the world through the prism of animation, working on Disney's animated over a number of remarkable projects. Extraordinary creative vision of the young author could not pass unnoticed. Burton was not going to adjust to the traditional canons of the studio, trying to show its specific grotesque style in each project, where he directed. He proved himself as a visionary non-standard, the ability to enliven any fantasy, Burton thought that is in the shade it is no longer interesting, and so he went to conquer the world of big movies, plaiting him experience in animated films. Having achieved great success with phenomenal insane "Bittldzhusom", directed by entrenched in the top league of Hollywood thanks to the high-end film adaptation of the comic book Batman, immediately after the rental turned into an object of universal adoration. Commitment Burton gothic motifs, charming dark and bright, charismatic images have become an integral component of the master of the style for which he fell in love with not only the audience, but also criticism. Each new project Burton caused an incredible stir. Thinking outside the box has become a fashion, the audience no longer afraid to be not such as all, displaying their individuality. The strength of the film, multiplied by the imagination of Tim Burton, has contributed to the development of creative experiments in which there was no longer taboo motifs. And the director did everything he could to another of his original idea came to life on the big screen. Not having the time to personally remove the "Nightmare Before Christmas", Burton entrusted responsible process my colleague animator Henry Selick, has long deserved to become the head of a fully-fledged movie. Traditionally crazy, but terribly attractive idea Burton eventually become one of the best cartoons ever been removed. Under the leadership of Selick and Burton's creative supervision of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" presents us with a juicy otherworldly extravaganza filled with a lot of wonderful ideas, electrifying soundtrack and simple but effective morality. Thinking about life and death, the sacraments of the major Christian celebrations and the real sense of them, the creators told us a fascinating parable, from which it is impossible to break away or adults or children. Tim Burton and Henry Selick plunged us into the world of frightening illusions, from which absolutely do not want to get out!
So cartoon story takes us to the glorious city Halloween, home to a wide variety of monsters hunted that scare people on the eve of All Saints' Day . Having no other entertainment, swamp monsters, wild werewolves, vampires, nightmares clowns and other frightening villagers devote all ourselves the notion of new methods of intimidation, but none of them is able to compete with the inimitable Jack Skellington (the original voice of composer Danny Elfman), the most famous Halloween hero, capable of one-click bony fingers to scare even the most persistent, beyond the control of people's fears. From year to year Skellington is the winner in various categories of Halloween and it gradually became very sad. Favorite thing ceased to bring joy, honestly deserved awards was no where to put, and the constant attention of fans frankly bored darling of fear, horror and terror Skellington. But one day, avoiding outlandish clearing with a magical gateway to other fabulous worlds, Jack decides to look into the Christmas town in order to learn what they do and what the locals especially the celebration of the light of the day in the whole year. Once in the birthplace of Santa Claus, Jack suddenly imbued with a special interest in all these elegant elkam, gingerbread man and gifts that well, just need to spread overnight to all the houses of the planet, where obedient children live. But as the city fills a good-natured old man in a red suit, Jack will have to go for tricks and replace it with the most insolent manner that brooked no objections. Enlisting the crooks of the Boogeyman, a constant champion of Halloween is preparing to conquer the Christmas, but in any, even the fine-tuned plan of action, sometimes creeps unpredictable quantity.
Already in itself the name of the tape, "The Nightmare Before Christmas", the viewer adjusts to a mysterious way because earlier in the holiday theme paintings almost never had a mystical darkness, and all the villains, soaking in the history of this magical time, caused exceptionally indulgent smile, but not in a bloodcurdling storge of its horror. Tim Burton and Henry Selick did not want to shoot one more diligent, predictable and trivial cartoon, as they were interested in the first sacrament, enveloping Halloween and Christmas since ancient times, when the holidays were not so ambitious and predictable. In "Nightmare Before Christmas" creators raise to the surface ancient myths, flirting with frightening tales, but nevertheless in no hurry to open to scare its audience. Still, this cartoon was not supposed to scare us from view. On the contrary, he takes us, causes a slight shiver and affects marvelous doll beauty, able to give a head start to any graphic entertainment. Last but not least, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is interesting because the form in which it submitted the main ideas. Burton and Selick have adopted a very simple truth, and beat them so that the audience felt unprecedented dramatic depth, pushes to the creation of entirely correct morality. Jack Skellington image shows us that even in the abode of eternal fears and anxieties zavsegda there is a place for joy and positivity. Main only to correctly understand all the values ​​and make the appropriate conclusions. Thus, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" becomes for all of us a lesson that is not desirable to miss, because he says the main thing, and doing it in such a memorable way that you will probably never forget the adventures of Jack Skellington and will be able to take a fresh look at both the Christmas and Halloween.
However, apart from attention to the person of Tim Burton and Henry Selick, it is necessary to weigh the bow thanks also maestro Danny Elfman, who managed to frame a "Nightmare before Christmas" gorgeous melodies, whose sounding s remembered literally from the first note. The creators decided to satisfy an ulterior motive cartoon serious and long soundtrack, which was obliged to provide the viewers a lot of tunes, directly advancing the plot, not only serve as a backdrop. And imagine someone else is not in place Elfman possible, as it has repeatedly collaborated with Bertonm thoroughly and know how to adjust to his creative style. In the compositions of the maestro looked through subtle irony, genuine joy of children from what he saw magic and anxiety, makes you feel bizarre danger that accompanies the story for much of the time-keeping. It is noteworthy that Danny Elfman himself immediately voiced several animated images, showing us his undoubted talent extends far beyond the framework of the musical art.
In the end I want to say that "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is undoubtedly one of the best works of Tim Burton, is a priori unable to cause any other feelings than sincere delight. Jack Skellington history is striking in its poignancy, and therefore you should not deny yourself the pleasure to evaluate this work appreciated.
10 of 10

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