The News Of Outremont Dog Park Essay


Reading an article from a national newspaper published within the last four months that deals with an ethical issue. Your task is to explain why it is an ethical issue using material from the course.


The article reveals the news of Outremont Dog Park which is one of the biggest parks in Montreal. People come in the park from far away to enjoy with the dogs in the park. However, it is reported on 14 of February that the park will be closed within 10 years because the land is taken up by the new Condos and the University of Montreal. It is planned to build new campus for the university and residences. Regarding this matter the daily visitors of the park got a chance to meet the city officials to discuss the future of the park. There the officials handed out the diagram of the plan of the condos and the new road construction which will replace the park and with only a small green space left for the park. This was not accepted by the visitors of the park. The mayor of Outremont assured people that he will try to replace the dog park to a new place. The visitors of the park decided to protest against the decision of the development plan. Some visitors even chose to sit in front of the tractors of the construction site along with their families. Later, it was also found that the decision of the development plan was made 12 years ago which was later known in an interview after the meeting. The visitor’s of the park stuck to the point that they will fight to keep their dogs park.

The Outremont dog park is the only one of Montreal’s largest dog park, where people come to visit with their dog to play around, exercise and socialize. The site is now belonging to the University of Montreal where it is planned to build new residences and part of campus. However, a park where dogs without a leash have fun, exercise and socialize with other dogs and their owners as well. It creates a negative impact over the dogs, who would not find place to play except this park. A site for development of campus is easily available but to replace a park where the dogs have fun is not appreciated. To certain visitor’s it could also create a hurdle to visit the new park which might be far away from their residences. The development of a new park or the new campus plan will definitely take a long period of time to construct till then where the dogs will play or socialize, the officials should understand that as people have the right to play and have fun it is same for the animals too. In the present world, the spaces are mostly occupied by residences, office building while the greenery is being vanished. Hence, it is not a right decision of the demolition of the park because it will lead to the abolition of nature and a place for the animals to gather and socialize.


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