The need to reintroduce team sports into the education curriculum for all schools.\ Essay

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I am at a private school where team sports are a very important aspect of the schools ethos. I at present have decided that because of other after school activities", not to play hockey for the school", but that it was oblitary from Primary 6 - Secondary 4. Although", I did not necessarily enjoy it", I can with hindsight look back and see the benefits of it;
Obvious part of being part of a team", the need to cooperate with other people who I might not choose as friends", useful exercise and finally taking pride in belonging to something relating to your own school.
Up until the beginning of the 1980's every school had its football team", or rugby team", hockey team", or netball team and highly competitive matches where played every Saturday morning with at least 1 afternoon afterschool being set aside for a team training. During PE lessons time was also set aside for playing these sports so that even those who were not skilled enough to represent their school had the fun of playing team games during school hours.
Until the 1960's PE teachers were given one afternoon off each week in lieu of turning out every Saturday to take teams to other school venues. This seems to me to be an entinerably", reasonable gesture. But from the 1970's onwards this privilege was removed. Most PE teachers accepted this", although reluctantly", and still continued to spend time after school and at weekends to encourage pupils to represent their school.
The real death nail however", for team sports came", when", in their wisdom the government decided that all teachers", including PE teachers had to spend 2 hours after school", at least once a fortnight", in personal and professional development. Although this was an unpopular move", teachers of 'academic subjects' could justify this", on the grounds that it was improving their knowledge of their subject and their teaching ability. For PE teachers", however", it was absolutely ridiculous as their subject is by its very nature", a practical one and to have to spend time after school in theoretical pursuits was rather pointless.
There also grew a great resentment among PE teachers", who felt that it was engrossley unfair", that they were being asked to give up valuable", personal time", at the weekend as well as spending time afterschool", on a regular basis", doing something that they believe", to be", unnecessary.
Gradually", therefor they began to withdraw their support for taking teams to meet others on a Saturday. It was only", within the private sector where arrangements", could be made by individual head masters that team sports continued to flourish. I consider this to be a tragedy.
Obesity is a huge issue in Scotland", with terrifying statistics shown on the Scottish government website;
'In 2016", 14% children aged 2 to 15 were at risk of obesity", with a further 15% at risk of overweight. Since 1998", the proportion of children aged 2-15 at risk of overweight (including obesity) has fluctuated between 28% and 33%", and was 29% in 2016.'
Team sports would be a great way to get young children active and be encouraged to get fit. Being in a team", even a non- competitive one has an unbeatable enjoyment. Children aren't even conscious that this is exercise with a capital 'E”. The thought of exercise can be daunting as it can create feelings go dislike and coercion", meaning that the fun of team sports such as hockey", rugby", netball", football e.t.c..
There are also many benefits to being in a team and having to cooperate with others. One benefit is the overall attitude you gain from being in a team. The well known phrase 'there is no 'I' in team", meaning that in order for the team to succeed", they must all work together", no single person can complete a team. Team sports are also a confidence boost", there is no better feeling than when you score the winning goal in your football match against your rival team. This is also a benefit for our self-esteem and mentality", teaching younger and older generations about patience and respect", with team members needing to know how to be a good sport", and accept their losses.
There is also the pride of belonging to a school team", many people", including myself", don't necessarily enjoy the sport itself", however enjoy the feeling of being part of a team and working together with others", a quality that is wanted in later life", especially in the work place.

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