The Need Of Integration Of Speed Limiters Foe Vehicle Safety Essay

I strongly believe that the integration of speed limiters is needed for various reasons. However, I also feel that there can be some modifications made so that we can meet the needs and make ends meet with several complaints from many drivers.

What is a speed limiter and how does it work? A speed limiter is a device used to limit the maximum speed of a vehicle. The way it works is that there are multiple sensors located inside the device that detect how fast you’re going. That information is then sent to the vehicle’s engine computer. When you have reached a certain speed, the computer restricts the amount of fuel reaching the engine. This causes the driver unable to go above the fixed speed set on the device.

What positive effects have speed limiters had on safety among truck drivers? There are many positive effects of these controllers being placed in vehicles. One of those reasons is that it can cause a major decline in car accidents, most of which are caused by speeding. Most tires aren’t made for reaching certain speeds which leads to injurious and possibly fatal accidents. Another benefit of reducing speed is that it causes fewer greenhouse gases to be emitted throughout the environment. A final reason is that it can preserve the life of an engine. Going at top speeds only makes the engine work harder, causing it to wear down faster over time. This results in you having to spend more money on buying a new engine, or even a new car in a few years time.

What negative effects have speed limiters had on safety? There have been several safety concerns regarding the speed limiters that have caused many complaints to arise. One of those concerns is the difference of speeds on the road can lead to more interactions between vehicles creating unsafe driving conditions and increased congestion. Another concern is that while speed limiters have been known to decrease emissions, that is true to some extent. If large vehicles such as trucks cause congestion or other vehicles to slow down, this causes more time spent on maneuvering through traffic, which leads to more gas emissions.

Would those who want to break the law be able to find a way to disable a speed limiter? Yes, there is a way to disable your speed limiter as the functions of a vehicle engine’s computer can be modified. Many cars actually offer performance chips or engine computer reprogramming that alters the engine’s performance. This not only disables the speed limiters, but it also improves the speed of the vehicle. Another way is by disabling it manually. By disconnecting the sensors located in the transmission component, this causes the engines computer to never detect the rpm so the limiter cannot be used.


After reviewing my research I have come to the conclusion that including speed limiters has both a positive and negative effect on today’s drivers. Even though it would cause a major decline in car accidents, it also creates unsafe driving conditions. Drivers not being able to get out of a rough situation that can be solved by going a little faster, only to be abruptly stopped because of the speed limiter. I still do believe that speed limiters are beneficial but we should incorporate them to inform the driver that they are reaching high speeds. A notification like a beeping noise would be better than giving the driver no control over the speed.

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