The necessity of thank to fear Essay

Yes, when talking scared. me, you, and we all must have met various forms of fear in this life. I think the number is no longer counted. Tens of thousands or even millions of times throughout our time, alternating like day and night. Like graphs, fluctuations up and down.

In the past, when we were at school, for example, we were afraid during the school exam. when we enter university, we are very afraid of the thesis. And when we start looking for work, we will usually be very afraid of interviews to deal with big bosses. And when we work, we will be very afraid to break employment relations with the company where we work. the worst is that we are afraid of being poor. All different levels of fear are present.

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Fear is a natural event. We will continue to meet when we want to start something new. This is the mechanism of the body to continue to maintain the balance point - another term for the comfort zone. Our body continues to demand to continue its equilibrium point. Or show previous habits.

This mechanism aims to prevent the body from suddenly changing at any time which can disrupt the body's own system. Any action that is outside the habit pattern will automatically be rejected by sending a rejection signal in the form of fear. So fear is only a symptom of the body's warning because we have done something outside the habit pattern.

Unfortunately, the body does not know which changes lead to good or bad. Constructive or destructive. Anything that is usually rejected will be rejected in the form of fear. Way! Fear will continue to be present when we do something out of habit.

Sometimes, we face that fear with perseverance, sometimes giving it back correctly. A set of fears that we have experienced cause us to be what we are today. We have escaped a lot in the face of that fear. Competence, expertise, skills, the intelligence we have today is the fruit of that fear. We must thank him. Without it, today we can still be like a newborn baby boy. On the contrary, the delay we have reached today is the fruit of our inability to various fears.

Let's welcome that fear. Challenge him, defeat him, return him by continuing to act like a bull that rages for a moment you will win. If you are weak, whiny, slow and susceptible to it then you really receive stagnation or do not develop.

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