"The most charming and attractive" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Soviet movies - the best. It is difficult to argue. But there is a separate category of masterpieces, which includes the romantic comedy "The most charming and attractive." Perhaps someone film seems too 'pink' and naive, very kind and preachy. But is it bad? You always want to believe the best, but do not be deluded
«-. Yes, all kalkirovschitsy run after him ...
- Let him run. Marries it to you! »©
I can not get used to the idea that film 25 years ... Despite the fact that this creation from its age, it has remained the same yunnym, as in the day of his birth. And how could such a dilapidated cinema? After questions and answers raised in the film will always live. Like the relationship between a man and a woman. . This invariably
«- We can not wait for the mercy of nature. Take them from her -. Our task »©
brainchild Gerald Bezhanova and Anatoly Eyramdzhana 'most charming and attractive" - ​​a kind of guidance and farewell for all individuals of the female sex ... Do not expect that the window flies prince on a white Mercedes. We need to act themselves. heroine Tatiana Vasilyeva's words proved to be prophetic, in particular, for the emancipation of our time: 'Not Born Beautiful, Born active.' As well as, many other fittings and effective tips on how not to fall into the clutches of loneliness. I'm not talking about the original and Funny dialogues between the characters, which are scattered around the world for a quote. For example: '! The two-meter crocodile with the smile of Mona Lisa' or 'We have noticed, looking at us. There's a few people are as paralyzed ' Light, but at the same time impressive and memorable humor
«-!. A dress from a
-? From Christian Diora
! - Mmm ... If that is the speculators, so expensive! »©
the cast, it is a different story. Wonderful Irina Muraviev - a great actress. It is certain that many women see themselves in her character Nadia Klyuyev. After all the uncertainty, complexes, shyness and fear of being alone - all these torments many women, if not to say - everyone. And all of this successfully passed Irina Vadimovna. It is a pity that now, basically, it is involved in the series ... and talent such actress wasted. I can not mention other equally important for movies figures: Tatyana Vasileva, Alexander Abdulov, Lyudmila Ivanova, Leonid Kuravlev, Michael Kokshenov, Larisa Udovichenko, Vladimir Spout ... This whole inflorescence stars. Each of these actors has made a part of his soul in this tape. Maybe that's why she's so nice and amazing.
A masterpiece with a capital letter. A touching, sincere and funny movie that you want to watch again, even in the 100th time. Time, fashion and even people change, but there are constant things ... such as exclusive movie!
10 of 10

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