"The most charming and attractive" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Intertemporal all sorts of anti-alcohol laws in the Soviet Union led to the fact that sober parents quickly give birth to children and the rest of the house of his wife TVs, shaking his right hand shouting stroller, left groping unsteady fingers of the channel selector of the TV (I was still a remote control perceived as a wand). On the screen appeared a perfect comedy mid 80s' most charming and attractive. " This film could raise self-esteem in anyone. Even the ochumevshih parents who are so still and did not understand what it is they have done
"not born beautiful, and be born active '-. The words spoken by Tatiana Vasilyeva, became winged. Waving wings still and hover over fences better than any advertising. So what that black eye from you, you go in an old sweater and dude-Abdulov is not looking in your direction, there is always good and faithful Genk technician 2nd class, he's waiting down there, at table tennis, it is worth only down. I do not know what's happening now on our television screens, a family soap there is steep, but the meaning is, I'm sure, absolutely the same.
Marry (registry office will soon move to clock duty) and as much as possible to give birth (maternity capital over, but having many mothers will soon be possible to walk on the lawns in summer, and to collect firewood in the winter). The only difference - this high-quality movie as a 'most charming and attractive', we no longer will be removed. By the way, somewhere at the same time went out and 'Where is nofelet?', Sternly condemning womanizer and bachelors. All conditions have been created. We will make you happy.
a huge get-together of famous Soviet actors in this film has reached its absolute maximum. I like everything, big roles, small roles, favorite actors, actors, which is indifferent - these, too, like here. Ohmureniya techniques of the opposite sex, it is very simple, but effective, still riding theorists seem commonplace and ordinary, but they refer to them, no one in this not admitting.
What seems to be easier to approach a person, like heroine Irina Muravyova, and treat him pie. Wishing your cakes will be a waiting list. Or invite to the concert '80s Disco', who are refused for the money. The ticket can always sell. So step up, be more active, and then, suddenly, bang, guests eat Olivier, shouting 'bitter', then antenatal clinics, children's clubs and walking endless string of shopping centers that have not yet caught fire. And other all sorts of buns with mayonnaise. The path to happiness is simple, just to show off.
Good are good and almost innocent songs in this film, is very healthy, even before perestroika atmosphere (still had). And many, many conversations burdensome. The film can be watched always, at any time and absolutely nothing would happen to him. Here I am, still alive, but watched it dozens of times. Just try and ensure that the most charming and attractive - it is you. Even if you were born a man, then do not despair, the daily reading reviews about women's things over time will take its toll.

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