"The most charming and attractive" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Quite strange. If not the film - the era before the eyes. After all, 30 years have passed ... Especially must be weird to watch a film in '85 in an internet cafe with a laptop via WiFi or iPhona - the official YouTube Mosfilm Cinema Concern ... And those who did not find an alliance (in which nostalgia and no particular reason. .. remember even school) do not understand these films - even what these films at all (well, as it is - the entire movie no one killed) ... Music, sounding overs (to be exact - on headphones at Abdulov) and in the restaurant, the TV a speculator. Now no longer remember - what then listened
leave alone for the purpose for which the state gave money to the shooting of the film (which goals it pursued) and a close look at another
look at the matriarchy, feminism shown society.. where women discuss men like rags - like-nenravitsya (married they say it's time to go - the argument to create a family is incomparable "of two loving one loves and the other allows himself to love!" - see the movie -. "what a fool I am to love myself? "). Let's look at a lady's pet Abdulov, because (according to his ex-wife), he seems to have actually played in the film itself ( "dude." - see the movie) ... Maybe, if men were different, would not have washed their bones like clothes on the collapse of the post-Soviet ( "well, guys go, Lord ..." - see the movie.)
With this film very well to start the analysis of the cult built around the so-called "stars", where some 150? years ago in a society considered clowns, and earlier - 50 years and buried in the cemetery with ordinary people did not want to - that's how to treat Referring to farcical "litsedeya" ... It is no coincidence that the Hasidic circles, makes its way to the power of Mozart's era created a cult of it around the shed of modern society (because where else can litsedeya cult, if not in the booth - among buffoons)
actor. like Abdulov quite fit for such a debriefing ( "throttled like a girl" - see the movie.). Look closely at his character (I watched most of his film) - that out to show them - is he? Compare his characters seem to be positive with the negative - as they are often similar - if covered his own character here? And why in the time of the union (I'm not talking about the post-Soviet), the walls of Soviet apartments veiled calendars, posters with actors? Do Ulyanov since then - it has long been said that the most important art for them is the movie? And not because it is necessary to spend time and energy on such ravenchanie film Cult pop idols ... I remember - a couple of Jewish uchenichkov - Twins seventh grade appears. Maid, knowing Dom2 without exception - one with-whom-how do much surprised to learn from me that Tchaikovsky wrote the symphony (probably should have been paying more attention to the literature)
And the film is quite good (the same Nofelet a couple of stars on. kinopoisk he should beat for sure though, perhaps just the main character simply replays character Menshov - from the actor a lot depends). Funny catch pans intersection scene with the same Nofelet e.g., with Service novel (Adult Lyudmila Ivanova) or Ironically (for Shirvindt character), Prince Miloslavskii (Type Flying Kuravlev)
P.S. Revised again - very sad - it is clear that the main character girlfriend does not understand in spite of the profession in others - see who she chose a husband, and in her words "a young man, you're all clear, play ping pong, Gene, is at you get a good idea. " And it is only in the film male character, despite his naivety which produces a positive impression. And who brought to the matriarchy of good-feminism? The actress, who plays the girlfriend Kliueva - the theater satire - is a very good actor, but there too - when I saw in the interview that she (as well as the wife of Menchov, for example, or Gurchenko) made of plastic with a face ... And like a smart person. ..
true saying Feminist Brave Falcon - Union women destroyed their Wishlist. As the film passes through the cult of junk - foreign clothes, or remember Bulgakov - a session of black magic with dressing ... Hmm ... Although in this particular film, two heroines proihvodyat positive impression (humanly) unlike psevdomuzhikov - characters Abdulov and LetyatKuravli ... Worse women, honestly ...

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