"The most charming and attractive" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Watching movies on the list of 'New Year's program', Day 2.
The main character of the film «The most charming and attractive» Hope Klyuyev is an engineer, and her personal life is still not adjusted, regardless of age. It was at this point she decides to help a school friend Susanna , a sociologist. She teaches Hope all kinds of scientific methods of seduction, puts it in the fashion of, say how to behave and what to do to it to pay attention to the object of attack. For the sake of the desired result - to marry, Hope diligently follows all the instructions, getting at the same time in an awkward situation. In the end, on the Nadia are starting to pay attention to all the men, except for whom she was trying so hard - mod and handsome Vladimir Smirnov (played by the inimitable Alexander Abdulov ). To enchant the young man need to acquire the necessary attributes such as clothes bought from the black marketeer and scarce tickets to the concert, as well as adjust their own behavior, according to the plan Susanna . Is there any truth in the councils of Susanna ? And do not miss sight if Nadia more obvious choices for a husband, who for years was near, but did not dare to recognize the feelings? Over time, however, she realizes that her fate has always been close to her, just before she did not notice
I love these movies So many times reviewed and every time -.! Only beautiful emotions. Cascade talented actors and directors, and are born into the world such stunning pictures. What a pity, that now on television shows like little movies, an Internet fame, that you can see any film for the soul without the annoying ads, and spend an evening.
One of the prominent roles, wonderful, and my favorite, the actress Irene Muravyova . The specific appearance and manners, it stands out from the dense rows of idols, caressed the Audience Award. And not without reason. After the film 'Carnival' it was named best actress. Her characters have, exactly what is stated in the title of the film - charm . And, despite the filing of the heroine, like a gray mouse, never doubt that these (highly visible) women can not long remain unattended, and easily find their happiness with the man stood, without any tricks. And Susanna by Ekaterina Vasilieva, gorgeous. Her phrase: «and agreed, we're with you is not beautiful» , speaks about very much. She considers herself a «woman with charm» no more. And it's true.
magnificent movie, with some wonderful humor and light illuminated the story. Almost all of the phrases dismantled for quotes, this is the people's love! One 'Pryakhin, and you see how the intermediate shaft? As the beam with zaschemlonnym end ...? ' what it takes. And yet not a few phrases that have long since become their favorite people:
«The first time I see trainers who do not have pineapple»,
«I saw how she looked at me? As the Hound of the Baskervilles! »,
« Cardin! We in the Union of two or three such units. And then, at the Non-Aligned diplomats wives »,
« From here pineapples, Larissa, we're not in Africa. It was a joke. But we have dried figs! »,
« You do not want like Vinogradov, an example of this. You'll be like Persikov »,
« And some still get married and go, all count and calculate »
« first theorem, which does not require proof:.!. Not born beautiful, and be born active. Rather become active - look for a husband herself »,
« The two-meter crocodile with the smile of Mona Lisa »,
« Water -. Only for the Institute employees! You are an employee of the Institute? No. Drink, Lech! »
may be cited ad infinitum. But better still watch and enjoy. Very good, good, positive film. Despite the time I want to review it, like all our old movies that are in our world light and heat. Gorgeous cast is: Leonid Kuravlev Mikhail Kokshenov, Lyudmila Ivanova, Alexander Abdulov, Yekaterina Vasilyeva, Alexander Shirvindt . It is a pity that many actors are no longer alive, but despite this they look at us through the eyes of cinema. Amazing, warm atmosphere occurs when watching old movies, plunging us all into the world of good cinema. Melodrama amazing, about a young woman, modest and decent, and so, unfortunately, alone.
View recommend to all! Especially young women, waiting for her prince. Especially in the New Year holidays. How often exactly what happens with us. We are dreaming about something distant, alluring, we, in fact, alien and incomprehensible. And do not notice that all we have to be happy you need is at your fingertips.
film at all times ! A wonderful selection of the most talented actors of the Soviet! I do not know, when I get tired of this film to review, perhaps in another life. All the while amazed, how, indeed, attractive Irina Muravyov, when her dress up fashionably and beautifully combed. I respect her for being afraid to not be as nondescript. The film would put 100 points! But, since there is another point system, then of course same highest score of all possible
10 of 10

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