"The most charming and attractive" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The lion's share of the lives we spend at work. For unmarried women duties are often the only possibility to spend energy, uncalled for personal relationships. Design Institute - is not the most romantic place in the world. Day after day, year after year, without taking his eyes off of the drawing board, she completely forgets about his personal life. Often it does not even imagine what breathes her colleague behind, what there a close relationship. Work turns into hard labor as a lonely man closer to that sign for his inability to engage at least an office romance. Count on His Majesty the case - reckless idea. Quite another thing, do not miss the chance to cool tucked change your life, because it may be the last.
sweet, kind, cares for the interests of the collective soul Nadia Klyuev difficult to suspect of adventurism. Alone with her, of course, he realizes that it is high time to get married, but somehow resigned to his fate and is satisfied with the shaft of social work. Having met in the cabin trolley childhood friend, Nadia hardly saw in her proverbial chance. Most likely, it is simply glad for an elegant and attractive Susanna. "Although from a friend on the personal front, all is well" - she thought sadly. Former classmate was kind of active and was not going to just look at the drooping Nadia and her sour face. Down unnecessary duty druzhina! Down with nothing but drawings of the mountain! Down with the ping-pong as the only joy in life! There is a category of people who have to force yourself to love. Susanna decides to Nadia woman, not the office mouse. From now on, every man design department can not feel safe -. Lonely heart went out hunting
«perestroika» cinema habitually identified with the era of glasnost, the collapse of the prohibitions and the demonstration of the first taboo, but it is not true of all the films of the time. "The most charming and attractive" has no clear reference to a specific period of Soviet life. At all times, enough women, for whatever reason, have not married to. One could blame this themselves "old maids" can-blind men can be insidious fate, can be anything else. Herald Bezhanov offers the viewer an opportunity to reach a verdict Nadia Kliueva - whether she is guilty in his loneliness, or indeed the case circumstances. marriage problem arises in full growth, and needs to be addressed. Bezhanova cinema offers two ways to deal with loneliness -. Scientific and natural
Susanna - personification of a successful woman of the late USSR. Knows her worth, self-sufficient, scientific savvy, owns newfangled electronics and skillfully finding common ground with the black marketeers. In the face of Nadia's friends like director defies nature itself. I do not need anything from anybody wait, you have missed the most, if necessary, to break through the human knee - for Susanna goal always justifies the means. A woman can not be blame for it. The Soviet people have lived too long for the Communist Party, and too little for themselves. Apartment brazen black marketeer - challenge its outlived foundations. A cool clothes, videos, foreign things - so much all these discordant with the bright images of workers and farmers, that "little gray" like Nadia gets into a parallel reality. Scientific approach rejects a community of interests. Every man design bureau - not only separately taken employee, and a composite portrait with strengths and weaknesses. Deliberate seriousness techniques Susanna at all related comedy opens very important nuances of personality. One colleague Nadine too correct and primitive, the other - an incorrigible womanizer with a wedding ring, and the third - in the age of the fourth - only suitable for ping pong, five - narcissistic fop and a ladies' man. Apparently, Susanna none of them considers the personality. This is partly due to resentment for the girlfriend, partly because of the flashy arrogance. Science must complement and enrich the human mind, but not replace it. It is therefore puzzling to read in front of Nadine. Diligently following the precepts friend sociologist, she still can not quite believe in them.
What opens the eyes of the situation itself Nadi Kliueva? Hike to the speculators, "it's not for me, Susannochka". colleagues Feature: "He does not care about me," "he has two daughters," "Well, he's a good man," "I do it for the person does not believe." Culinary preparation: "Only I podsunu him these cakes" The image of Nadi has incorporated many of the features of good, agreeable, but few interesting ladies. Herald Bezhanov painted a portrait of a man discreet, timeless solution in construction of communism. Nadia - a product of the vicious system of prescribing live only for future generations. Downtrodden, a single woman does not raise his eyes once again, but otherwise would certainly have noticed that each of its counterpart in his own happy. Someone endlessly marries someone releases the "stud" in the address of his wife and mother in law, and to someone fairly fleeting relationships, but they are happy with their lives, because they have learned to love and appreciate yourself. Meeting with Susanna - the forerunner of the fight developed intellect with a warm heart. This is a case where there is a unique opportunity to look at ourselves through the eyes of another person, whose opinion may be considered authoritative. Nadia will change clothes, change of hairstyle, memorize buzzwords, but it is empty, if you do not learn to listen to your heart. His rhythms at all times be more important than the details of advanced computers.
«The most charming and attractive" definitely among the top three Irina Muravyova films. Known for its rigor to itself recognizes outstanding actress Nadia Klyuyev, as the most important page of its biography. However, the success of the picture not only the merit Muravyova. Gerald Bejanovo managed to combine his idea of ​​the stars of the first magnitude. Yet young Michael Kokshenov Leonid Kuravlev, Alexander Abdulov and played at an incredible level, Tatyana Vasilyeva immortalized by the movie, which is adjacent to the romantic sorrows and mild irony cruel sarcasm. The whole country to understand what the auditory training, remember the phrase "Are you from the Urals?" And fell in love with the simple proektirovschitsu Nadia Klyuyev. The problem of personal insecurity will seek Russian women for a long time, and therefore "most charming and attractive" not lose the honored audience's attention.
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